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Support of Cloud Technology Makes Cloud Predictive Dialer Superior and a Highly Customizable Solution

If you have a dialer, you can automate the customer outreach by giving it a dialing command. But does it use the customer data and other information? If the answer is a ‘No’, then cloud hosted predictive dialer has the right answers for you.

Cloud hosted predictive dialer uses an algorithm to choose the perfect timing to call the customers that makes customer-agent connection highly likely.

In the age of information, it is not advisable to leave out the information related to the customers. Cloud predictive dialer uses all those information, and you can also customize the outbound calling with various options available to optimize the customer outreach.

After all your customers are just promising prospects until you reach out to them with a strategy. Predictive dialer comes with many features that assist you in such strategies.

Top Features Of Hosted Predictive Dialer
CRM Integration

Cloud predictive dialer includes the information related to every customer, and it uses key information such as demographics or time zones.

Interactive Dashboard

The highly interactive dashboard makes it very user-friendly and an easy way out while setting up your outbound campaign.

Campaign Management

Cloud predictive dialer comes with every feature that is needed to manage an outbound campaign ensuring a steady customer base.

Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing directly influences the number of customer connection with higher agent utilization based on an algorithm.

Skill-Based Routing

Hosted predictive dialer uses skill-based routing to direct the customer to the right agent with the specific skill set and appropriate responses.

Reports and Analytics

Real time monitoring and call analytics come easy with the hosted predictive dialer and they further provide insights to achieve better productivity.

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Why do you need a Predictive Dialer?
Improved Agent Productivity

Once the agent availability is utilized to its best potential then it directly impacts the productivity of the call center. Every agent has a different average handling time. The cloud-hosted predictive dialer utilises this time to make an outbound call just before an agent gets free from an ongoing call.

So, as soon as the agent gets free, he finds a customer over the phone line to speak with. In this way, both the parties evade the call waiting time. Another benefit of a cloud predictive dialer is its extensive reports that further gives insights to do improvement on the ongoing call center services.

Higher Revenue

Hosted predictive dialer helps in sales acceleration by more number of customer-agent connections. Other features like call recording and call analytics help in implementing new strategies.

The appropriate timing for the outbound calls makes the customers more likely to take them and listen about the product or services that the agents pitch. A good sale is an outcome of several connections between customers and agents. The algorithm behind predictive dialers makes the customer-agent connection more frequent.

Result-Oriented Features

The cloud predictive dialer comes with several options to optimize the calling process and make successful campaigns. Different types of campaigns lead to different results. Various available options give you a leeway to execute your campaign strategies, easily.

There are various options such as call rate, time-zones and other customer information that help in converting business leads into steady customers of your business. The capability of integration makes it a versatile solution to achieve business success.

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Various meaningful business applications easily integrate with the predictive dialer to enhance its utility and worth.


Higher Sales

Predictive dialer includes all the well-crafted features to ensure higher sales figures and, more number of loyal customers.

Automatic Updates

The predictive dialer is a cloud-based model and no hardware is needed. It updates itself automatically and latest security measures make it safe to use.

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We provide free setup with instant custom configuration to suit your outbound calling needs. Free consultation available.

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