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IVRs work effectively as self-help tools and also help in customer engagement

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an important business communication solution in organisations to automate business communication and gives customers a platform to start business interaction. It also manages high call volume from time to time by giving various options to the customers to choose from.

A well-designed hosted IVR can easily prompt those actions done by a live agent such as routing the calls to the intended department or delivering some information to the customers. Various features like call routing, call analytics, interactive dashboard, call recording, missed call tracking etc give IVRs an edge in the call center business. In addition to this, we provide unlimited channels so there is no limitation on the number of concurrent calls.

Hosted IVR can also be customized further as per the business requirements to increase the business efficiency and reduce the cost in the inbound space, substantially.

Top Features of a Hosted IVR Solution
Call Routing

Hosted IVRs are effective tools for call routing and provide the customers with choices to direct the call to an intended department or agent.

Call Analytics

All the instant analytics related to calls such as first call resolution, response time etc are compiled in a report to measure the IVR performance.

Call Recording

You can record every call and save it in HD format. It helps in getting insights for training, quality checking and other issue resolution for better business decisions.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is very user-friendly, and it also allows all the actions from the same dashboard with much ease. Various available options make it more result-oriented.

Email Notification

You also get email notifications for every customer interaction happened in the IVR system, and you can easily keep track of your business prospects.

Multiple Levels

The hosted IVR solution can also have a multi-level design, and it comes with an easy navigation as per your business needs to give your customers a seamless experience.

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Why do you need an IVR Service?
Automated Reception

Hosted IVR is a business-oriented service that works as an automatic reception to the calls. With an automatic system, the IVR receives and routes automatically a countless number of calls with precision.

An IVR service also helps in customer engagement purposefully when the agents are not available.

Marketing Messages

An IVR system is equally useful to convey messages related to marketing or promotional offers. The user can easily customise the message with the help of the IVR provider.

Our solution experts help in every possible way to design the IVR as per the individual business needs. Some companies also use IVRs for advertising their product or service.

Surveys and Feedback

Hosted IVR has made it possible for organisations to do an automated survey and record the customer responses without much hassle. IVR system also allows automating such tasks that do not require human intervention such as retrieving information from the database to resolve simple queries.

Companies can also collect the feedback from their customers with the help of an IVR.

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24x7 Support

Our team of experts gives its best shot on every customer issue to make sure that you face no issues while using the hosted IVR.

Cloud Security

Cloud technology makes hosted IVR solutions highly secure and also carries scalability to support various types of businesses.


Instant Analytics

Hosted IVR provides all the related analytics that gives a clear picture of the overall performance of the IVR.

Automatic Updates

The hosted IVR solution updates itself on its own, and we make sure that the latest security measures are there.

Free Setup & Instant Configuration

We provide free setup with instant custom configuration to suit your outbound calling needs. And our transparent billing system adds to better customer experience.

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