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Get a better volume of customer connection in the least efforts

Every business looks for potential customers. Different companies choose different methods to connect with customers. But the best way is one that doesn’t ask for much effort and is also very cost-effective. Voice broadcast is one such solution that covers both the requirements, effortlessly.

Call broadcasting services as the name depicts helps you send thousands of recorded messages in a single click. You can easily upload a recorded file and send the messages to all the stored leads.

Today, the utility of voice broadcasting software enhances multiple times because customers don’t have much time to pay attention to details and other information related to business. In this way, broadcasting an audio message is a lot more useful because it conveys the messages, and thousands of customers listen to it without any effort. You can run various campaigns with different goals, and you can convey messages to the customers for respective campaigns.

Leads turn into customers only when they are nurtured by making frequent communications with the customers. It efficiently fulfills the purpose of building customer connections in a good volume.
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Various Features that Make Voice Call Broadcasting a Versatile Solution

Multiple Campaigns

If your business has different sets of customers, then you can run multiple campaigns to cover all the customers in the orbit of your business.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule campaigns at your fingertips by customizing them as per the different business needs. You can make the most out of every campaign.

Detailed Reports

You can get all the detailed reports related to your automated phone calls campaign. These reports provide meaningful insights into running campaigns successfully.

Customizable Audio

You can always change and upload a new file as per your business needs. Convey a message to your customers that support your business.

Leave a Message

This feature is similar to voicemail. So, once a call is connected, it gives the caller an option to leave a message in one’s own voice.

Cloud-Based Service

It is a cloud-based service, and it encompasses all the benefits of cloud technology that make it more equipped for communication.

DNC Management

It comes with DNC management feature that saves the valuable time of the campaign by striking off the useless numbers.

Time-Zone Controller

You can control the time-zones as per your customer sets so that different customers receive calls at different times according to their time-zones.

Detailed Call Logs

You get all the details related to call logs that further help in tracking and monitoring the calls to devise better strategies for successful campaigns.

Various Uses of Call Broadcast


You can send reminders to patients for their appointments and give them ‘leave a message’ option to confirm the appointment.

Business Notifications

Businesses use it to send different types of business notifications related to product delivery, order confirmation, and successful transactions.

Promotional Offers

It also helps in sending promotional offers and other information about discounts that customers can avail.


It helps in conducting several survey over the phone by sending voice messages to the customers and giving them options to choose from.

Political Campaigns

Call broadcast also help in running some smooth political campaigns and connect better to the voters with relevant information.

Order Confirmation

It also helps in sending messages related to order confirmation of the products and make customers aware of the due date of product delivery.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Expert Support

Expert Support

Our solution consultants provide expert support to customers ensuring a seamless experience and glitch-free service.

Solid Customer Base

Solid Customer Base

Communicating with customers using voice messages leads to long-lasting connections and higher customer engagement.

Strategic Campaigns

Strategic Campaigns

You can run several result-oriented campaigns to turn leads into customers. Automated phone service supports every business needs.

Cost Effective


You can pick a plan that suits your business needs and broadcast your voice messages to thousands of customer in least cost.