Blended Contact Center

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Bring In The Best Ways For Active Call Blending Through A Single Interface

Optimize all incoming and outgoing calls for seamless customer experience.

Blended contact centers leverage both incoming and outgoing calls to enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales. Agents are equipped to handle both types of calls and can seamlessly switch between them as needed, making the contact center more efficient.

In a blended contact center, inbound calls are routed to available agents, while the outbound calling list is automatically dialed by the dialer. This unified approach to customer communication maximizes opportunities to connect with customers. Moreover, during high call volumes, outbound agents can be switched to handle inbound calls, and vice versa during slow periods, enabling effective call blending between different agents.

Blended contact centers have several benefits, including improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity. By deploying both inbound and outbound calls through a single interface, customer service efficiency is enhanced.

Deploying inbound and outbound calls through a single interface brings a lot of efficiency to the customer service environment, and it is an advanced approach in making customer connections efficiently.
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Give Your Contact Center The Benefits Of Call Blending

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD ensures optimal utilization of agents' skillsets by allowing customization of call routing strategies based on agent availability.

Call Recording

Call recording provides insights for improving the overall customer support process by allowing review of previous customer calls.

DNC Call Management

Outbound contact centers manage the do not call (DNC) list to avoid wasting time and resources on useless numbers during customer outreach.

Customizable Campaigns

Campaigns can be customized to align with business needs and customer base.

Ring Strategies

Ring groups and customized ringing strategies can be set up based on the number of agents, with the flexibility to make adjustments during ongoing campaigns.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time call-related reports enable evaluation and tracking of call activities, helping measure contact center productivity.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Multi-level IVRs provide a self-help tool to attend to customers immediately with result-oriented options.

Ongoing Call Monitoring

CallCenterHosting provides features like call monitor, whisper, and barge that help contact center managers improve the quality of communication with customers.

Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based routing ensures customers relate to the most skilled agent for their respective issues, enabling immediate solutions.

Agent-Performance Report

Intensive reports provided by the portal allow measurement of agent performance, guiding them towards better performance.

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing allows multiple participants on a single call for purposeful discussions, with the option to integrate IVRs to add more callers.

Why Do You Need Blended Call Center?

On-Demand Scaling

In order to meet the varying demands of your business, the ability to scale your resources quickly and effectively is crucial. A blended contact center makes this process seamless by allowing for easy interchange of resources between inbound and outbound operations as needed.

High Productivity

Blended contact centers tap into high productivity levels by fully utilizing agent availability. Agents can easily switch between inbound and outbound operations based on call volume demands and agent availability, maximizing efficiency.

Benefits of Cloud

Blended contact centers leverage cloud technology, increasing usability and scalability. Cloud-based call blending enhances effectiveness while also providing flexibility to adapt to changing contact center needs.

Remote Agents Management

Cloud-based blended contact centers seamlessly integrate with remote agents. Agents can log into the portal from any location and execute customer support processes, while managers can track and analyze remote agent performance for effective management.

Comprehensive Reporting

Blended contact centers provide comprehensive reporting on ongoing calling processes and agent performance. These insights from data analysis help optimize the contact center process for improved results.

Workforce Optimization

Blended contact centers offer intensive reporting that aids in optimizing the workforce by deploying agents efficiently. Individual agent performance analysis allows for strategic planning of the customer service process, leading to better outcomes.

Powerful Features

Efficiency in communication with customers is crucial. Blended contact centers provide a one-way approach for tackling customer call volume with efficiency and effectiveness.

Workload Distribution

Blending inbound and outbound calls distributes the overall workload among available agents. Quick shuffling between inbound and outbound calls leads to higher productivity in the contact center.

Cost Reduction

Setup costs are eliminated in blended contact centers. Efficient call routing reduces agent idle time, and a single agent can handle both inbound and outbound calls, contributing to cost reduction.

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