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Australia toll free numbers are numbers that have multiple numbers integrated within them. With these, you have the option of choosing from 1800 free phone numbers and 1300 shared cost numbers (your customers pay half- you cover the rest) for your customers to contact you. These numbers are an easy way to get customers to call your brand as they are free for the customer. The customer can call from a landline or a mobile phone, free of cost to the brand.

Customers are willing to call these numbers as they are not just free to them, but also look simple enough to be remembered easily. These numbers, when integrated with different services like IVR and ACD, give an all-around experience to the customer, helping them find satisfaction and resolving their issue together.

Toll free numbers act like a smart communication methodology that brands use to get customers to call them. You can be one of those brands as well, try our Australia toll free number services and get your customers calling!
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Features of Toll Free Numbers That Help Your Business Thrive

Choose Your Number

With a variety of formats and numbers available, you can choose your number, one that resonates with your brand and helps your customers recall you.

Call Recording

Recording calls is essential for various reasons. Record all your calls and keep them in-store to improve your calls by monitoring them closely.

CRM Integration

We know how vital customer data is to you. Integrate your CRM with the toll free number and manage all customer-related information at one place.

Monitoring And Analytics

It is crucial to monitor your calling process and understanding your customers and your agents. Monitor and analyze every call with a toll free number.

Uninterrupted Call Connectivity

Never compromise on quality with our best in class toll free numbers. Get your customers to call from any place in the entire world and hear the same high quality of sound.

Ring Strategies

Customize your ring strategies by ringing two or more phones together or ringing individual extensions before transferring your calls to a mobile number in case of no answer or off-hours.

Do Not Disturb

There are times when a business is not willing to take calls, or no people are available to do so. Place your phone system on ‘do not disturb’ mode and let your customers ring to another extension or go to voicemail according to your requirement.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to different people or extensions when your phone lines are busy or unavailable. Don’t miss out on any customer by ensuring each call is reached to one agent or the other.


Welcome your customers and professionally show them the way to their desired extension with our upbeat and effective IVR systems.

An Australia Toll Free Number gives you Unmatched Benefits

Give Your Business a New Marketing Tool

Both 1800 and 1300 numbers are a great marketing tool as they give businesses an opportunity to market their product with a unique and memorable number. Customers can better remember the number and the brand leading to more customers calling in to make queries or place requests.

Improve Your Customer Support

Customer support is always a priority for every brand. An Australia toll free number helps in maintaining the utmost customer service by giving its customers a toll free and nationwide number to call on. This number, when paired with IVR and ACD, increases customer satisfaction manifolds.

Create a National Presence For Your Business

An Australian toll free number helps you with maintaining a national presence. A customer calling from a different area code can be skeptical about your brand. The fact that you have a toll free number helps the customer feel more comfortable and know your brand by your unique toll free number.

Enhance Your Calling Experience

Toll free numbers provide an enhanced calling experience as they have advanced features that can generate reports, track incoming traffic, and route callers to their desired destination. They are also scalable and help connect with customers outside the local reach of a business, thus enhancing the overall calling experience.

Highly Scalable and Cost-Effective

Businesses change almost regularly if they want to sustain in the competition and not perish. Toll free numbers are one-number solutions and are highly scalable, which means you can use the same number with all your expansion plans across the country. Also, an Australian toll free number is the most cost-effective tool to promote and kickstart your business as it creates a brand image and helps you create a customer base at a minimal price.

Quick and Easy Activation

Activating your 1800 or 1300 number is quick and easy. Activate your toll free number with a few simple steps and without any hassle. Any updates or features added can also be directly installed from the service providers end. You just have to sign up for a toll free number of your choice and enjoy the ride; A ride that changes your business.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

AU Cost-Effective Plans From CallCenterHosting


CallCenterHosting’s Australia toll free numbers are cost-effective and help your business without burning a hole in your pockets. Choose from a range of highly customizable plans and pricing.

Support From CallCenterHosting

Unmatched Support

Our support team, providing all-around support is one of the best in the field, making sure that you lose no customers and work error-free all the time.

Same Day Toll-Free Number Activation

Same Day Activation

We activate your Australian toll free number the day you send in your verification. We make sure you don’t have to wait for your customers to get calling.

Customizable IVR From CallCenterHosting

Upbeat IVR

Our highly customizable IVR services give a unique edge to your toll free number, helping your customers navigate and reach precisely where they desire.