Robust Solutions to Address the Daily Communication
Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Cloud-Hosted Communication Solutions To Bridge The Gap Between Patients And Customers

In a day-to-day need of the healthcare industry, it is necessary to be able to respond to the patients immediately and round the clock. Cloud-hosted call center solutions come with various features that cater to the needs of the healthcare industry. Cloud makes the calling process simpler and makes communication easier and efficient.

In the healthcare industry, it becomes an unavoidable necessity to save every crucial information about the patients. This piece of information should be handy to the people who are connecting with them from time to time. Be it internal or external, frictionless communications in the healthcare industry leads to more number of healthy patients.
Communication Solution For Healthcare Industry

Robust Features and Solutions That Support Healthcare Industry

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) saves all the information related to the patients, and it helps in making the conversation information-oriented.

Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers don’t incur any cost to the caller, so they are widely accepted and people use it to connect with the healthcare services.

Automatic Call Distribution

If the call volume to connect with the hospital staff increases, the automatic call distribution routes the calls to the available phone lines.

Call Queue

If the line is busy, all the next calls are kept in a queue, and a call is connected immediately when the line becomes free.

Hosted PBX

Hospital staff needs to connect with each other. Cloud-hosted phone system solves this problem efficiently because it comes with flexible and scalable features.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Patients can connect to a particular department or a doctor with the help of an IVR. Callers can also help themselves to reach a particular extension.


With click-to-call implemented on the website, the patient can receive a call from the hospital by just clicking on the button.

Voice Broadcasting

It becomes much easier for hospitals to send reminders and notification through the voice broadcasting service to the patients.

Improve Patient Care With CallCenterHosting’s VoIP Solutions

Appointment Confirmations

Appointment Confirmation

Thousands of patients look for an appointment on a daily basis in a hospital. It becomes a cumbersome task for the hospital staff to confirm their appointments by notifying the individual patients. Cloud-hosted call center solutions resolve this issue of notifying the customers with the help of voice broadcasting messages. All the patients in a particular slot are sent a particular voice message by customizing the campaigns accordingly.

Emergency Contact Number

Most of the hospitals keep a toll free number as an emergency contact number. Toll free numbers are kept open round the clock to be approachable for the callers. These numbers are also used to book an appointment or call an ambulance.

Since cloud-hosted communication allows unlimited extensions on the same number, it ensures that the line is not busy despite a high call volume. The calls will be routed to the available extensions immediately.

Emergency Contact Number
Improve Internal Communication

Robust Internal Communication

Cloud-hosted PBX ensures an uninterrupted internal communication among the hospital staff. Cloud PBX doesn’t need any physical infrastructure, and it is very easy to scale the services as per the varying needs. Cloud PBX completes the calls via the internet, so it removes the need for physical infrastructure. Adding more extensions to an existing network is much easier as the extensions are made on the PBX software itself.