Q1. What are the basic hardware necessities of getting CallCenterHosting into action ?

Hosted dialers of CallCenterHosting works on the cloud computing technology and therefore, it works without any certain hardware specifications. It supports various devices, such as- desktop, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Q2. Is there any minimum internet speed to be able to use CallCenterHosting, Hosting Services ?

CallCenterHosting makes its best efforts to deliver superior voice-quality over internet. Currently, we use G.729 Codec for voice transmission, which can easily deliver satisfactory voice communication even at a bandwidth of 8 kbits/second.

Q3. How long does setup take to install?

Being a cloud-based service, the hosted dialer does not require dedicated installation. You just need to create the agent accounts to allow them access to the dialer.

Q4. Will my agents have to undergo a specific training to be able to use CallCenterHosting hosted dialers?

Hosted Dialer by CallCenterHosting offers a very simplistic User Interface, which is familiar with traditional dialers. Any person with usual computer knowledge can easily work on it. Depending on the CRM that you integrate it with, there might be some need of basic training.

Q5. Can Hosted Dialer be customized to meet specifications of my business?

Our hosted dialer solutions offer a number of customization options to setup the agent accounts, route the calls, IVR messages, etc. that can be used to meet the various business specific needs.

Q6. Is dialing speed controllable?

Our Predictive Dialer and auto-dialer are expertly programmed to take in account the number of agents available and the probability of call connectivity to automatically dial the calls and connect the agents. It maintains the maximum efficiency with the setup. Admin account can change the dialing rate manually.

Q7. Is it possible to Integrate Hosted Dialer with CRM?

CallCenterHosting, Hosted Dialer is compatible with almost all the popular CRM software to ensure better sales and support setup for the customers at your contact center.

Q8. Is there any limit with the number of agents or campaigns that I run?

There is no certain limit on the number of campaigns that you can run at a time with our hosted dialer. You can have as many numbers of agent on the dialer as you want and you can extend the plans at any moment according to your need.

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