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The cloud has taken the contact center industry to new heights and brought in several innovations that tap the full potential of customer service. Inbound, outbound and blended contact centers together make up a full-fledged cloud communication suite, complete with unique features and benefits.

The type of contact center, however, depends on specific business needs. You may need an outbound contact center to reach your customers effectively. On the other hand, inbound contact centers help you in handling the call volume. Blended contact centers are a combination of both types to make the outbound and inbound operations seamless and establish a stronger connection with customers.

The contact center solutions from CallCenterHosting come enabled with all options, so that you can pick and choose what works best for you.

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Types of Contact Centers

Inbound contact centers receive customer calls and route them to available agents without delay. These contact centers increase agent productivity by improving agent call handling.
Outbound contact centers focus on customer outreach. This contact center includes bulk calls and routes connected calls to available agents.
Blended contact centers include the functionality of both inbound and outbound operations and ensure you don’t miss out on any promising customer connection..
Virtual contact centers work well beyond the limitations of traditional hardware, and you can run a full-fledged contact center without any expensive infrastructure.

Why Switch to Cloud Hosted Call Center?

Gone are the days when call centers worked as only one-way channels to connect with customers. With the arrival of cloud technology, they have transformed into contact centers. They have become an aid for agents to deliver the best possible solution to the customers. Cloud-hosted contact centers come with features that make them highly customer-centric and result-oriented. There are various reasons to go for contact centers, some of which are mentioned below.


Cloud-hosted contact center solutions are affordable as they work on the ‘pay as you go’ model. No need to develop infrastructure..


You can easily upscale your contact center as per your needs, and it doesn’t cost a bomb or substantial effort.

Extensive Reporting

You can track and manage every single activity related to a contact center’s process with the help of statistical results.

Improved Customer Experience

The features that come with cloud-hosted contact centers help improve the customer experience in every way possible.

Customer Information

Contact center dialers easily integrate with the CRM and customer information gets updated continuously in the database.

Automatic Updates

Contact center solutions update automatically and regularly, and also ensure that users get the latest and safest interface to work.

High Security

Cloud technology is subject to essential security measures to protect data from any kind of security breach.

Easy Deployment

The deployment of cloud-hosted contact centers is very easy, and our experts will help you throughout the installation.

Remote Agents

Remote agents help in overcoming the limitations related to demographics and language. Cloud-hosted contact centers support remote agents effortlessly.

Some Questions You Should Ask, Some Answers You Should Know

The cloud has made it a lot easier to set up a contact center. There are a few questions, however, that keep presenting themselves, so we answered some of them.

Question :
What are the security measures these data centers take for the safekeeping of your data?
Answer :
CallCenterHosting hosts its solutions on data centers that use ASA Standard. Firewall, Anti-DDoS protection, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Antivirus.
Question :
What are the after-sales services given to the customers?
Answer :
CallCenterHosting provides after-sales service support to its customers all over.
Question :
How long does it take to set up different contact center solutions?
Answer :
Contact center solutions are easy to deploy. However, it may take from one hour to one day depending on the solution, our experts help in the installation process.
Question :
Where are the data centers located?
They are in four locations, Beauharnois (Canada), London (United Kingdom), Frankfurt (Germany), Paris (France)
Question :
Does CallCenterHosting provide 24x7 support?
Answer :
Yes, CallCenterHosting provides 24x7 pre-sale and post-sale support to its customers, and customers can contact our solution experts anytime for the best possible solution they are looking.
Question :
How old is the service provider in the industry?
Answer :
CallCenterHosting has industry experience of more than a decade. CallCenterHosting has a long list of loyal clienteles, and we believe in lasting relationships with customers than doing just business with them.
Question :
Can the customer customize the solution any time?
Answer :
Customers can customize the contact center solution as per their needs. Some of customizations can be done at the customers’ end and some may need the consultation of our experts.
Question :
Do I need any training to use the dashboard?
Answer :
No, there is no training required for using the dashboard because it has been designed to be user-friendly for anyone with a basic knowledge of computer operations.
Question :
How can I update the software and ensure security?
Answer :
You don’t need to put any effort into updating the software as it updates automatically.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Automatic Workflow

    Dialers are programmed and designed to work automatically, and they also help in making the most out of the available resources with much lesser efforts needed.

  • 24x7 Support

    Our solution experts make sure that every customer query should have an immediate and appropriate solution. That too 24x7.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our dialer solutions are very economical in the contemporary scenario of the market. You can always discuss about the plan with our solution expert.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

    The dialer dashboard is so user-friendly that you don’t need special training to operate them. You can also customize your dialer if need be.

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