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The efficiency of Inbound Call Center is one essential factor that decides the overall success of your customer interactions. These are undoubtedly the biggest sales earner in terms of making a solid customer base. At CallCenterHosting, we deliver the quality-oriented Inbound Call Center Solution that could be easily setup in your environment.

Various features such as auto attendants, automatic call-distribution, skills-based routing, CRM integrations, and others stand it apart. Our solution lets you decrease the downtime significantly by routing the calls to the skilled and available agents immediately.

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What We Offer with Our Inbound Call Center?

(Automatic Call Distribution)
The inbound call center solutions come with the automatic call distribution (ACD) that helps in efficiently handling the call volume and also utilize the agent availability to the fullest. To handle the exponential increase in call volume, ACD is an unavoidable part of inbound call centers.
(Interactive Voice Response)
An automatic way to handle the incoming calls by directing them to an automated response and give customers various options to choose from. IVR is also used as a self-help tool because it leads a customer to a solution with their own efforts.
(Computer Telephony Integration)
CTI helps the agents to make calls using their desktops. It enhances the overall productivity of the agents many folds and also gives them several options to have control over the calls with the help of automated dialing, routing and call transferring.
Toll-Free Number
A contact number that doesn’t incur any charge to the caller. It is free of cost channel to approach the service provider without a second thought. In addition to this, toll-free numbers also help in building a brand image as well as do promotional activities.
Virtual Number
Virtual numbers give a local presence to your business. So, if you want to make your customer realize that you are doing business from nearby and always available for them. Virtual numbers fulfill this purpose efficiently, and they work worldwide.

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In-depth Reports

Pay attention to every detail by comprehensive call reports so that the overall potential can be measured in a detailed way.

Advanced Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD) ensures that all the calls should reach the right agent automatically to expedite the customer support process.

Interactive Agent Dashboard

The agent dashboard is highly interactive and with the CRM screen popups, the agents can show much higher productivity.

Queue Management

In the situation of high call volume, intelligent queuing ensures that the agent and callers get connected to each other immediately.

Application Integrations

The inbound call center software is highly compatible with different business applications, and this makes it more versatile.

An Intuitive IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reduces the human efforts to help the callers with the right information at the fingertips.


It is a Omni-channel portal that includes voice calls, email, and chat in one application. In this way, it helps agents to give customers a seamless experience.

CRM Integration

CRM integration helps the agents to take help from the available customer data and give a personalized customer support.

How Inbound Call Centers are Benefitting Various Industries?

Inbound call centers work as receiving ends for the customer calls. Various industries use different types of inbound call center services to achieve a better level of customer connection and improve communication standards.

A patient can find every information related to his health reports and the ongoing treatment in a much easier way with inbound call center services. Patients can also get immediate appointments and other details like prescriptions and billing.
The standard of services of the telecommunication industry is set by the communication infrastructure and how effectively it resonates with the industry needs. The number of fruitful communications between customer and agents decides the overall business growth.
Food Services
Remember you put an order for your favourite Pizza last time. It was a well-designed inbound call center that led your call to the right agent without any delay. Food industry and restaurants use inbound call center services to serve customers in a better way.
Travel and Tourism
Today most of the customers plan their journey over the phone and get their tickets done. It needs well-trained agents and some necessary information handy. Cloud-hosted inbound call centers fulfill all the needed criteria.
Financial Services
Banking and financial services include a lot of negotiation and consultation. So, in this sector, it becomes essential to use a robust inbound call center infrastructure where experts can give the best possible advice to the existing or yet to be clients.
People want their vehicles to run smooth, and that calls for customers to approach the company to get their vehicles checked from time to time. Here, it is important for automotive industries to have a platform to communicate with customers uninterruptedly to register complaints and deliver services.

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  • Updated Customer Data

    Customer data gets updated on every call that helps agents to give a personalized customer support.

  • 24x7 Support

    Our experts provide robust customer support that help customers find the best possible solution 24x7.

  • Cost Effective

    Inbound call center solutions from CallCenterHosting has best pricing model in the industry with better offerings.

  • Workforce Optimization

    Optimized workflow by quality management and agent scheduling that ensures much better agent performance.

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