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VoIP Brings Several Cutting-Edge Features with Futuristic Technology

Most of the Companies are Relying on Business VoIP for Better Results

The traditional ways of communication are not capable of facing contemporary challenges. To overcome this, VoIP has come up with many solutions that encounter these challenges efficiently with powerful results. VoIP enables the user to leverage the power of the Internet-based calling that is economical, scalable and very user-friendly.

Here at CallCenterHosting, we provide VoIP based solutions that are result-oriented according to the industry needs. Additionally, our VoIP solutions are designed as per the business needs to make the most out of the available resources in lesser efforts.
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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol that brings the flexibility of making or receiving phone calls over the Internet. It becomes possible with a set of protocols that enable the Internet to make calls just like a regular phone or PSTN. But it stands way ahead of the traditional telephony because of the flexibility and mobility it brings along. So, with the help of VoIP, if a device can access the Internet, it can also make or receive calls.

Our VoIP Solutions

Wholesale VoIP

CallCenterHosting provides Wholesale VoIP termination service where we route the calls to the final recipient who can be located in different locations. We sell our services to every type of businesses and ensure that the call termination process stays very cost-effective for the clients. The calls can also be routed to the PSTN telephone network as well with equal ease. We provide the best call rates to terminate the calls at the intended destinations.

Cloud PBX

Cloud technology pushed away the traditional set up of the hardware-based PBX and made it much simpler and user-friendly in terms of installation and deploying a complete cloud-based PBX. We provide full consultation to help you switch from the traditional PBX to the cloud PBX with the needed number of extensions. Cloud PBX improves the overall communication experience by making it more seamless.

Features that Make VoIP Based Calling Versatile

Call Analytics

VoIP based calling solution provides a detailed report about every ongoing call and helps in analyzing every statistic related to it.

Call Conference

You can connect several team members on the same call which further helps in involving experts over an issue and provide them with an apt solution.

Bandwidth Utilization

You can easily view the information related to bandwidth utilization to view data consumption in a time period and keep it synchronized with the existing need.

Call Recording

VoIP based solution comes with call recording feature which helps in reviewing the conversations happened and then analyze it accordingly.

Call Queue

Call queue feature helps in putting the subsequent calls on hold if agents are busy. As soon as the agents are free, calls are transferred to them.

Call Routing Rules

You can also customize the call routing process as per the business needs. So, according to the number of available agents, you can set your routing properties.

Multiple Extensions

VoIP based calling also supports multiple extensions that further helps in routing the calls to the concerned department or respective people.

Music on Hold

Music on hold brings professionalism to business calls, and it can also convey some important messages to the person waiting over the call.

Administrator Panel

The administrator panel is very interactive that helps in configuring the system with the help of individual account information.

Why You Should Think about VoIP-based Communication Solutions

Cost Effective

To make a call over the Internet, all you need is an Internet connection, a computer, and a headset and that’s why the communication solutions based on VoIP are highly cost-effective. You only need to pay for the data you use. Calling via the Internet also makes the long-distance and international calls a lot cheaper.


VoIP based solutions are highly scalable and small, medium or large businesses can easily deploy a solution as per their needs. VoIP solutions give you the autonomy of adding or reducing the number of users easily just by creating a login to access the server. The portal that comes with the VoIP solutions carries the capability of scaling without much effort.


VoIP based solutions are very flexible in terms of utilizing the technology as well as human resources. Because VoIP solutions are hardware-free and can be installed in any computer, they don’t need specific devices. So, every hand-held device or computer that supports the Internet can help you communicate on the move. However, the traditional communication set-ups need specific devices for specific solutions.


Calling through the VoIP is an easy task as once the handheld device is on the Internet it works independent of the location. So, you can take your device anywhere and continue receiving or making calls without any hindrance. The unprecedented benefits of VoIP based solutions help you experience multi-functional features that support the idea of an omnichannel communication platform.

Better Productivity

VoIP based solutions are very likely to increase the overall productivity because if we talk about cloud PBX, it keeps all the employees on the same page and makes the communication easy and fruitful. If a service-based industry goes for VoIP solutions then involving experts over the customer-agent communication becomes much easier.

Cloud Technology

VoIP solutions work on the cloud technology, and cloud is such a technology that supports innovation and is widespread all across the world, VoIP based solutions easily fit with the contemporary scenario and integrate with other business applications or tools that further multiply the usability and performance.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

CallCenterHosting provides full consultation while installing the solutions and helps in starting the services immediately.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

We also provide pre and post-sale support to make sure your experience with us remains satisfactory and seamless.

Business Oriented

Business Oriented

Most of the VoIP solutions are business-oriented in terms of fulfilling the needs to ensure business success.

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

CallCenterHosting hosts its services on secure data centers that evade every possibility of a security breach.