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With International Toll Free Number You Can Receive Calls Anywhere

An easy communication channel towards a steady customer base

Getting an international toll free number helps you in tapping every opportunity of making customer connections. Especially if your customer base is spread across various countries, it becomes a lot easier for them to get in touch with you, effortlessly.
We at CallCenterHosting value your time. So, we ensure that getting an international toll free number from CallCenterHosting is very easy, and its activation doesn’t take much time. Once activated, you can also forward the incoming calls to different numbers as per your business needs.
The best business benefit that comes with international toll free number is you can answer the calls from anywhere in the world.
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Features that Make International Toll Free Number Very Resourceful

Unlimited Call Groups

You can set several call-handling rules to create unlimited call groups as per the business needs of your organization.

Call Recording

Record all the calls and revisit them to get some powerful business insights and make the full use of your international phone number.


Set a multilevel IVR to give your callers an easy way to find what they are looking for. Route your callers to the right destination.

Call Conferencing

Call conferencing feature allows several callers to join on a single call for a hassle-free discussion with other team members.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding feature allows you to forward the call coming on your 800 number to any other number that you have assigned to.

Detailed Analytics

You get detailed data related to all the calls and make sure to use those insights thoroughly to make the most out of your international phone number.

Customizable Plans

Your business may have different needs, and this is why you can go for a plan that suits best for your business and its needs.

High Call Quality

You get a superb voice quality without any interruption, and there’s no compromise on call quality even if you are on a network low in bandwidth.


International toll free numbers are easily portable, and you can retain the same number if you relocate your business to some other place.

Why Should You Consider International Toll Free Numbers for Your Business?

Professional Image

International toll free numbers help in maintaining a professional image that further supports your brand recognition, firmly.

Better Customer Interactions

International 800 number increases the frequency of customer interactions that leads you to a steady customer base.

Centralized Access

Your customers and business prospects can connect with your business on a single point of contact with international phone numbers.

Call Forwarding Rules

With the help of multiple extensions, you can forward your incoming calls and never miss out on a single opportunity of customer connection.

Campaign Mangement

You can run and manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and keep track of the progress of the individual campaigns.

Business-Oriented Features

You can also leverage all the business features that come along with the international toll free number that synchronize with your business needs.

Easy Contact Medium

International toll free numbers make an easy contact medium for the customers as most of them are used to it.

International Coverage

International freephone numbers cover all the countries to ensure access of your business to customers all over the world.

Business Expansion

International phone number supports your business expansion because it helps you connect with customers from different countries.

Easily Scalable

International toll free numbers are easily scalable and support every size of business with various customizable features.

Custome-Centric Process

International toll free numbers come with customer-centric features that further help in continuous business growth.


International toll free numbers are very cost-effective, and you can choose a plan that suits your business needs in your budget.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

24x7 Support

Round the Clock Support

We at CallCenterHosting provide 24x7 support to our customers and make sure that whenever you need us for a consultation, we are there.
Customize Plans

Customizable Plans

Your business may have different needs, and we provide customizable plans accordingly, you can get in touch with us for further updates.
Number Portability

Number Portability

You can port your existing number without any hassle on our services and stay connected with your customers.
Interactive Portal

Interactive Portal

We have made our portal highly interactive, and our users find it very easy to use. It comes with detailed analytics.