Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers Give Your Business a Lasting
Recognition and Brand Recall

Give Your Customers a Free Communication Channel to Connect to Your Business

The less your customers think before reaching out to you the more your get best of the customers for your business. Toll free number is the best medium in this way to make real connections with the customers over the phone. It is also the best way to strengthen a loyal customer base because an interaction over a voice call, opens various untapped opportunities in business.

Toll free number is a smart communication service because the charges of calling on a toll free number is not incurred to the caller but to the called party. So, a customer enquiring for a product, service or simply looking for a customer support gets a free consultation.

Give your business a solid brand recognition with a toll free number and yes choose cloud because it gives the best possible business results.

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How Toll Free Number Benefits Your Business


Brand Recognition & Recall

Toll free number gives your business a perfect brand recognition as it makes your business easily accessible and answerable. It also comes with vanity number facility which helps in making solid brand recall and differentiates from other businesses.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers can connect to your business anytime from anywhere without any charges involved. In this way, an immediate solution to any issue leads to higher customer satisfaction. Moreover, an intelligent IVR attached with toll free number makes it an effective self-help tool.


Effective Marketing Tool

Toll free number is an efficient marketing tool that can be used across various advertisement channels. So, you can track the results and make better business decisions based on the insights and success of your campaigns.


Higher Credibility & Professionalism

Toll free number improves the credibility of the company because customers can always reach out to the service provider and get help. Toll free number gives a much better sense of professionalism to a business. A highly professional approach to serve customers brings better business prospects.

Features that Make Toll Free Numbers
Mandatory for Your Business

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

It doesn’t take much time to get the toll free number activated, and it can be used on the same day by the customers to approach your business.

Toll Free Number Choice

Number Of your Choice

Pick a number of your choice and give your customers a contact medium, easy to recall, easy to use. We have various formats available.

Call Ring Strategies

Ring Strategies

Various customizable ring strategies that help in making the agents connect well to the callers without any hassle or delay.

Easy Management

Easy Management

You can manage everything about executing the calls from anywhere and anytime. This feature gives you a leeway to work on the move.

Call Recording Feature

Call Recording

Record all the calls to check and monitor every single detail and bring improvement to the ongoing ways of customer interactions.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

You don’t have to bother about the customer data as it integrates with CRM and further you can manage the customer contact list and other customer related information.

Extensive Analytics Report

Extensive Analytics Reports

Check the detailed reports anytime of the toll free number you are using and make it more productive for your business.

Customer Connection

More Customer Connections

Toll free numbers ensure more number of customer connection because of its ease and user-friendliness to connect customers to your business.

Toll Free Number Service

Vanity Number

Give your customers a number that is easy to remember. For example, ‘FreshPizzas’ can be used as a toll number for a pizza service. Choose a term for a better connection.

Toll Free Number Service

Better Company Visibility

Toll free numbers provide much better visibility to your company by making it more accessible to the customers. Toll free numbers are easy to use and people are used to it.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Competitive Pricing

    Toll free number comes in such pricing, you can easily decide a plan according to the number of agents and the calling minutes required.

  • Customizable IVR

    You can customize an IVR with your toll free number. We design smart IVRs with interactive features as per your need.

  • Same Day Activation

    Once you submit your documents, we activate your number on the same date after a verification. So that, you don’t have to wait to connect to your customers.

  • Glitch Free Service

    Our team of experts ensures that you get a glitch-free service while using our toll free numbers. We provide 24x7 support.

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