Ensure Your Customers A Smooth and On-Time
Shopping Experience With Cloud Communication

Upscale Your Ecommerce Business with Cloud-Based Communication

With the emergence of technology in the E-Commerce sector, consumers all around the globe have started making purchases online. Since online marketing is relatively new in the present times, there is a dire need for a solution such as, a cloud communication system that provides a timely response to the customers.

E-Commerce businesses come across various challenges related to the massive list of numbers, complex logistics, and security of data. They need to employ some method to maintain a relationship with the customer such as providing support, integrating the CRM, tracking calls, and addressing customers. Fortunately, cloud communication has proven to cater to all these needs of the eCommerce sector and lets customers connect to the businesses and interact.

Innovative VOIP Features for E-Commerce Industry to Personalize Customer Experience

CRM Integration

CRM Integration lets managers and agents to access customer information as well as interaction history. You can easily fetch their details and provide them with suitable order status, tracking details, and other updates to save time.

Toll-Free Number

Providing your customers with a toll free number will help them to reach out to you in case of queries and order related issues.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

During the holiday season, E-Commerce businesses experience a large number of incoming calls from the customers. ACD can help handle all of them efficiently by distributing the calls amongst the agents.

Call Forwarding

In situations when the incoming calls are more than the usual, and none of the agents is available, this feature helps in routing all of them to the available one so that no customer is missed.

Call Recording

Customer calls can be recorded which later can be used for training or claiming purposes.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customers can get their issues resolved by connecting to the concerned agent via IVR that directs them to the required extension or department.


With this feature enabled, you can let your customers contact you with just a click. The feature allows the customers to reach out to you by clicking the call option.

Voice Broadcasting

Keep your customers informed about upcoming sales and offers that could be of great interest to them through voice broadcasting.

Gain Customer Satisfaction with CallCenterHosting’s Wide Range of VoIP Solutions

Engage and Interact with Customers

Engage and Interact with Customers

Customers and online buyers today feel it necessary to be informed by the e-commerce sites about the exact location of their package. E-commerce websites need to provide their customers with an interactive communication channel so that they stay informed about the status of their orders. Providing timely solutions to the customers and making sure their issues are successfully resolved, benefits your business. CallCenterHosting’s cloud communication system helps in engaging customers and providing resolutions efficiently.

Provide Sales Invoice

Reliability plays an integral part in building a name for the brand. To gain customer’s trust and make sure that they choose you over your competitors, it is important that you keep them updated and informed about their packages. You can do this in various ways; by providing the customers with their sale invoices, being available all the time, and providing support via multichannel communication. CallCenterHosting’s rich features help you in taking care of your communication needs which can help you monitor your buyer’s shopping trend and provide suitable offers and discounts.

Know Your Customers

Know Your Customer

Brands need to be in close contact with their buyers. If you know the purchasing history and behavior of your shopper’s interests and are somehow able to get an idea about their preferences, you are sure to engage them with your website and products. You can record customer calls and track them to improve contact center performance. Once you come across the customer’s choices, you can broadcast promotional messages using CallCenterHosting’s range of VoIP features that can effectively inform buyers about their interest.