Cloud has transformed the communication in
Education Industry by Making it More Efficient

Deal with the Challenges of Education Industry with Tailored Cloud-Based Communication Solutions

Education industry bases its work processes on communication. The communication between the students and the institutions happen for various reasons. Admission processes and career-related queries are the most common reasons when students try to interact. Here in this scenario, it becomes essential to make the most out of the available resources and help them with the most appropriate response without delay.

During the peak season, the cloud-based solutions such as IVRs and automatic call distribution make this connection with students easy and effortless. Education is a seasonal industry, and during peak season, the call volume increases. In this scenario, it becomes mandatory to provide the students with immediate and appropriate information. With proper communication, it becomes easier to face such communication challenges.
Communication Solution For Education Industry

Cloud Communication Solution Come with Relevant Features to Support Education Industry

CRM Integration

With the help of CRM integration, it becomes easier to maintain all the needed information about the individual students to have a more purposeful interaction.

Toll-Free Number

Most of the students prefer to speak over the phone for particular information. Keeping a toll-free number makes it more engaging and effortless.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic call distribution helps in handling the high call volume by precise call routing to connect students to the person with needed information.

Call Queue

This feature helps in keeping the call in a queue when the line is busy. So that the call doesn’t get disconnected and is put in a queue to connect with the agent.

Call Recording

Record all the calls to listen and review all the queries of students. It helps in devising a strategy to provide students with a solution in a lesser number of steps.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Multi-level IVRs can be designed with various information on the press of a button. Students can help themselves by finding information on their own.


Students get a call back as soon as they click this option integrated on the website. Once the call is taken, it is immediately routed to the available agent.

Voice Broadcasting

Every piece of information related to various education processes and admission can be conveyed to the students through a recorded audio message.

Enhance Educational Experience With Our Cloud Communication Solutions

Sharing Information With Students

Information Sharing

It is much easier to share information with students through cloud-based communication solutions. Voice broadcasting and IVR are such solutions that are used widely to connect with students and share information with them. During the admission season, a higher number of students turn up with admission related queries. Responding to a bulk of students without any delay is one of the challenges that the education industry faces today. Cloud-based communication solutions address these challenges because they are easily scalable, and they can be customized according to the varying demands.

Cost Saving

Communication over the cloud is a good medium to save money. It is a good medium to make the most out of the available resources and also help in the utilization of agent availability to the best possible level. In addition to this, cloud communication works on a pay-as-you-go model so the user needs to pay only for those services that they use. They come with various plans that you can choose from as per your business needs. You can select a chosen few features to make a customized plan as well by consulting with us.

Cost Saving
Send Notifications & Reminders

Notifications and Reminders

Students need to be informed in real-time about various updates. And in this scenario, it becomes really helpful to use tools like voice broadcasting to notify the students about any update. At times, cloud communication solutions with flexible features make a highly efficient solution to tackle the pressure of the education industry. The recorded messages can be customized anytime as per the existing needs. Additionally, since cloud can easily integrate the CRM so, all the information related to the students stays on CRM for further reference.