Robo Dialer

Increase the Number of Customer
Connections with Robo Dialer

Connecting with customers is a lot easier with automated robo dialer

Every business looks for various ways to connect with the customers in high volume. If the right tool is used, making better customer connections and effortlessly conveying the messages to them becomes easier. Robo dialer is a tool that automatically sends recorded voice messages to thousands of people at the same time.

Robo dialer automatically dials from a list of numbers and plays a recorded audio file when the calls are received at the other end. You can easily customize your voice messages to make it more personal and form connections with customers.

In addition to this, it has many business-oriented features that increase its overall efficiency many folds. Cloud technology introduces more quality to robo dialer and makes it flexible and scalable as per the business needs.
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Features to make Robo Dialer Result Oriented

Text to Speech

You can create voice messages from texts using text to speech feature. You can personalize messages using customer information.

Scheduling Campaigns

Robo dialer has all the features to schedule campaigns and set different customizations for various customer sets.

IVR Integration

Robo dialer can also be integrated with IVR to provide various options to customers and lead them to instant solutions or destination.

Real-Time Reporting

Robo-dialer comes with real-time reports that help in speculating campaign performance and make further informed decisions.

Audio File Upload

Audio files are customizable means you can edit and upload the new one in different formats instantly as per business needs.

Cloud-Based Model

Robo dialer works on the cloud technology that makes it highly scalable and flexible to support different customer needs.

Detailed Call Logs

You get all the details such as how many people listened to the broadcast message or how many of them chose the option given on IVR.

Phone List Uploader

Robo dialer uploads lists of phone numbers of leads automatically. It also saves and schedules lists for future calling campaigns.

Various Uses of Robo Dialer


Sending reminders is a lot easier with the help of robo dialer. You can customize the speed of these messages and time them when the customers are the most receptive.

Business Notifications

Business notifications are the best ways to stay connected with customers. Cloud-based robo dialer is an excellent way to send business notifications effortlessly.

Product Promotion

Product promotion calls for frequent connection with the customers maintaining sincere timing. Most businesses use Robo dialer to expand their market share.

Phone Surveys

Running Press-1 campaigns and phone survey becomes smooth with robo dialers. Detailed survey reports with insightful learnings help improve customer communication.

Marketing Campaigns

Robo dialer has every essential feature to run successful campaigns due to which sending recorded messages has become an integral part of marketing today.

Order Confirmation

Send order confirmation messages to customers through recorded voice messages. Customize these messages with customer details for higher personalization.

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Campaign Management

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