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Steady communication with customers is the key to achieve business success. Companies look for ways to be highly accessible to their customers in terms of how easily the customers connect with them.

The role of business numbers becomes highly important here because these are easy to use channels for the customers to connect with your business.

Virtual numbers give a virtual presence to your business at a different location, and toll free numbers help your customers contact you without incurring any cost.

Your customers are looking for opportunities to connect with you only if you give them one.
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Business Number

Toll Free Number

An easy to use contact number for your business that costs nothing to the caller. Toll free numbers help in giving a professional look to your business and also improve the brand image. Because every good company that stays accountable to its customers wants to communicate at every possible stage. Toll free numbers when integrated with an IVR, enhance its utility multiple times, and also flawlessly work in redirecting the incoming calls to various extensions.

Virtual Number

Virtual numbers help in giving a virtual presence to your business at a different location. So, you can take a virtual number of a different place where you want to connect with your customers in a better way. In case your business is located at a different place, and you want to target the customers of a different city than with the help of virtual numbers, you can maintain a virtual presence to your business for the local customers, effortlessly. A virtual number also gives several insights and detailed reports related to all the calls.

International Toll Free Number

International toll free number is a country-specific toll free number. That means a caller from a specific country, let say USA can dial a toll free number free of cost if they are placing the call within the USA. Also, the calls that are made to an international toll free number can be forwarded to other devices like mobile, VoIP, and softphones. It is an essential business tool for businesses for all sizes, primarily those who have customers in multiple geographic regions.

International Virtual Number

An international virtual phone number allows businesses to connect with international customers without having to change their primary form of contact. With an international virtual number, companies can give their customers ease in reaching out to them effectively. It also helps the businesses to maintain a local image in an area which helps in building a brand image. An international virtual number comes embedded with a plethora of features to facilitate business communication.

Versatile Features Of Business Phone Number

A Number of Your Choice

You can pick a number of your choice, which your customers can easily recall and get in touch with your business immediately.

Call Recording

All the calls can be recorded, which can be analyzed later on to improve the agent-customer communications.

IVR Integration

IVRs can be easily integrated with these numbers, which give your callers various options to choose from to make it a self-help tool.

Call Management

You get an easy to use call management portal to track every activity and get insights into the overall prospects of the business numbers.

Detailed Reports

You get a detailed report for all the calls, and all these analytical reports give you a much better idea of how your campaign is performing.

Customizable Call Routing

Different businesses have different scopes of business numbers, and calls can be routed to the right destinations as per the business needs.

Why Should You Think About Getting Business Numbers?

Better Brand Image

Business numbers help your business maintain a good brand image. They also help in making your business highly accountable in terms of making lasting connections with the customers. Toll free numbers and virtual numbers also become an excellent medium of brand recall.

Business Accessibility

Business numbers make your business highly accessible and reduce the gap between the customers and your business. It is highly likely that your customers want to connect with you, but they don’t get the right medium to make the connections, business numbers evade this possibility of missing out on any promising customer.

Affordable Plans

Toll free numbers and virtual numbers are available in affordable plans, and one can choose from various plans meant for small and medium-sized business or enterprise-level solutions. Even startups can avail the benefits of these business numbers and make steady connections with customers.

Result-Oriented Campaigns

Business numbers also work as good marketing tools, and you can easily track the performance of campaigns and further track result-oriented steps towards expected results. A detailed report helps in compiling some powerful insights coming from the analysis of the campaign data. These real-time data insights of business numbers help in making forward-looking strategies.

Better Credibility

Any company that keeps various channels open to communicate with the customers and make it much simpler for the customers to connect enhances the overall credibility factor in the product and service. In this context, business numbers multiply the credibility factor in the product or services many folds by their business-oriented features.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Level

Toll free numbers help your customers immediately access your business effortlessly, that too, without incurring any cost. And virtual numbers help in maintaining a local presence for your business. Both the utilities eventually add to the satisfaction level of the customers. A company always ready to communicate with or respond to its customers earns tremendous trust.

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