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The Smartest Move to Make an Efficient Call Center is to Choose a Smart Dialer

The success of a call center depends on the efficiency of a dialer and its capabilities to outreach customers. The suitability of dialers depends on the number of agents available and the scale of the need for outreaching customers.

We have a range of call center dialers and dialer hosting service that can fit your call center needs, perfectly. Because every dialer type comes with certain features that are purely designed to cater to each aspect of making better customer connections.

Take a smart decision to find a smart dialer. We are there to help.

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Cloud Hosted Dialers

Why Call Centers Need Dialers?

Lead Generation

The lead generation rate increases if the number of prospects outreached efficiently and call center dialers are designed to execute such campaigns.

Promotion and Surveys

Call center dialers also help in doing product promotions and conduct customer surveys towards a steady customer base.

Higher Call Connection Rate

Dialers with predictive dialing ability ensure a high call connection rate and make sure that every promising customer should be outreached.

Sales Acceleration

Easy connection and frequent communication between customer and agents help to accelerate the sales process in full throttle.

Customer Information

Call center dialers easily integrate with the CRM and customer information gets updated continuously in the data base.

Agent Productivity

Well-designed call center dialers directly affect the total productivity of the agents. They ensure higher agent utilization and lower idle time.

Cloud-Hosted Dialers

Cloud-hosted dialers relieve you from the limitations of your system configuration and are equally secure and scalable supporting every size of call centers.

More Automation, Less Effort

Call center dialers are automated and ask much less effort from the agent side. It directly affects the total productivity of the call center.

Customisable Campaigns

Make the most out of a campaign with customisable options that touch every aspect of a successful customer outreach.

What to Consider before choosing a Dialer


Number of Agents

The size of a call center matters a lot when it comes to picking a dialer. The ratio of outbound calls made is directly related to the number of available agents.

Type of Customers

Perfectly understanding customer behaviour and their needs give you better insights into taking actions on how to deal with them.

Type of Lead Source

Different type of leads come with different attributes depending on the resources. Lead source plays an important role while designing a campaign.

Type Of Customer base

A customer base spread across different timezones needs specific dialers to get a better customer outreach.

Call Center Process

Lead generation or closing leads for sales are two different things and require a different kind of approach for better results.

Which Dialer Suits You Best?


Predictive Dialer

On the other hand, predictive dialers can efficiently handle a large customer base with a high call connection rate. A predictive dialer predicts the time of availability of the agents and dials the calls, accordingly. It works on an algorithm, and the considers the average handling time of the agents and starts to dial outbound calls at the best possible time with a higher possibility of the call connection.

Auto Dialer Service

Auto Dialer

Picking a dialer is a contextual thing, and it depends on the scale of your business or the strength of the call center.
For example, if your call center has less than 10 agents, an auto dialer can be preferable over the predictive dialer. Auto dialer keeps the agents away from the hassle of manual dialing.

Difference Between Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer

Features Auto Dialer Predictive Dialer
Device Type Software Software
Automatic Dialing Yes Yes
Recording Messages Yes Yes
Call Waiting Yes No
Call Routing Yes Yes
Data Analysis No Yes
Time Management No Yes
Agent Availability Check No Yes
Algorithm - Based Dialing No Yes
Outbound Call Customization (Based on Time-Zone and Demographic) No Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Frequency of Call Connection Low Very High
Idle time Yes No
Average Number of Call Answerd Low Very High
Agent Productivity Low Very High
Real Time Report Yes Yes
Internet-Based Yes Yes

Other Dialer Hosting


VICIdial Hosting

VICIdial is a complete call center suite that comes with all the needed features to have a complete control as a user administration. It can also be customized as per the requirement. It gives one of the best communication interfaces that helps in minimizing the call drops, do effective lead management, and enhance the overall productivity. VICIdial is the most basic solution that enhances the overall profitability. We provide hosting for VICIdial and also provide support from our efficient team. We provide 24x7 after-sale service for the VICIdial.


GOautodial Hosting

GOautodial is an efficient dialer to handle the high call volume. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard with features of lead management, report and analytics, and call recording. GOautodial has several features of call management and campaign management. GOautodial also has the facility of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with campaign queue. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and call blending facilities make it a complete solution for the call centers. Get every support from us from the moment of installation to during its operations.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Automatic Workflow

    Dialers are programmed and designed to work automatically, and they also help in making the most out of the available resources with much lesser efforts needed.

  • 24x7 Support

    Our solution experts make sure that every customer query should have an immediate and appropriate solution. That too 24x7.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our dialer solutions are very economical in the contemporary scenario of the market. You can always discuss about the plan with our solution expert.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

    The dialer dashboard is so user-friendly that you don’t need special training to operate them. You can also customize your dialer if need be.

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