Power Dialer

Give Your Customer Outreach a Boost
with Power Dialers

Make it Easier for your Agents to Connect with Customers with Power Dialers

A Power dialer makes the agents independent from manual dialing and gives them an efficient tool for outreaching customers in an efficient and faster way. The cloud-based power dialers immediately dial the next number as soon as the agent gets free from the current call.

It is an automated telephone dialing system that enhances the ratio of connections between customers and agents. Among all the call center dialers, power dialer differs from progressive and predictive dialers in its functioning and call ratio can be set as per the business needs.

The cloud-based power dialer eventually leads to utilizing the agent availability to the fullest. Call centers face different challenges on a daily basis in terms of volume of customer base and the number of available agents to deal with them. Power dialer helps in addressing such challenges efficiently with their customizable options.

Power dialer effectively fits in well with different needs and scale of a business, it can be further customized accordingly for better results.
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Why Your Call Center Needs Power Dialers?

Fully Customizable

You can run an outbound calling campaign with the help of a fully customizable portal with various options to tackle the challenges of outreaching customers.

Highly Efficient

Power dialers are highly efficient in terms of making customer connections with a higher frequency. It results in more number of customer connections in unit time.

Zero Down Time

Power dialer places an outbound call only when an agent is available. So, for every connected customer over the call, there is always an agent available.

Effective Agent Utilization

Power dialer effectively utilizes the agent availability because it places the call immediately when it finds the agent is free.

User-friendly Portal

The portal of power dialer is well-designed and extremely user-friendly. You don’t need any training to start working on it.

Less Call Abandonment Rate

Power dialer reduces the call abandonment rate because it places an outbound call on a condition that the agent is free.

Give Your Call Center a Powerful Tool for Customer Outreach

Call Recording

Power dialer comes with a feature of call recording to record and store every conversation happened between customer and agents. Revisit these recorded conversations to know what exactly you need to improve.

CRM Integration

Cloud-based power dialer also supports CRM integration, ensuring every important information related to the customers stays on cloud to be retrieved further.

Cloud-Based Operation

Power dialer is entirely cloud-based that enhances its efficiency many folds as cloud gives it a secure and scalable platform. Get the benefits of a forward-looking technology like cloud.

Detailed Reports

Power dialer provides all the detailed call reports to measure the performance of the outbound campaign and helps you take decisions based on statistical data.

DNC List

Power dialer takes care of all those numbers that it should not dial. It skips all the numbers that are registered on the DNC list. This is how it saves agent time substantially.

Adjustable Call Ratio

Power dialer has adjustable call ratio to ensure the number of outbound calls should be corresponding to the available number of agents.

Call Back

Users can also schedule a call back to all those customers who didn’t take the call on the very first attempt made. So do not miss out on any opportunity of customer connection.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor all the calls in the portal itself to check the status of your outbound campaign and all the analytics related to the call attempts made.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?


We have combined all the necessary features to make sure the power dialer should deliver immensely positive business results.

24x7 Customer

CallCenterHosting provides 24x7 support to its customers and makes sure that all the solutions should function smoothly.


The cloud-based platform makes power dialer highly economical and budget-friendly call center solutions, and there are various plans available.


We have a team of experts that provides throughout consultation to all the customers to ensure a smooth experience while using our solutions.