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UK Free Phone Numbers that Lead to a Higher Number of Business Connection Effortlessly

Forward all the incoming calls on the 0800 numbers to any Extension in the UK

UK toll free numbers, also known as 0800 and 0808 numbers, help your business achieve a higher number of customer connections. Most of the people are well-acquainted with the toll free numbers, and they use it in approaching businesses over the phone. UK phone numbers are free of cost for the callers, and they are very easy to use.

If your business is based in the UK, then why to keep your business bereft of the benefits of the UK toll free numbers. We at CallCenterHosting make sure that our communication solutions should address your business needs, efficiently.

You can also have multiple extensions on the same number so that you don’t miss out on a single incoming call that brings some business opportunity. You can set call routing rules that automatically route the calls to the available agent without any delay.

These 0800 numbers have been very efficient to take your business to the right set of customers in lesser number of steps involved.
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Features of UK Toll Free Number Give Your Business a Steady Presence in the UK Market

Multi-Level IVR

You can integrate multi-level IVR with the UK toll free number and give your customers various options to choose by guiding them to respective solutions.

Call Recording

With the help of this feature, you can easily record all the incoming calls and save them for future reference to get more insights.

Local Prefixes

You can use various area codes to give your customers a local business presence to connect better with your customers.

Call Conferencing

This feature helps in including more than one participant on the same call without any hassle and compromise on the voice quality.


Get the message on your email about a voice message received on your number and never miss out on any promising business opportunity.

Call Forwarding

You can land the incoming call on any other number as per your convenience. Call forwarding supports automatic call routing.

Call Analytics

You can have all the detailed analytics related to the calls. Call analytics also gives several insights to improve business performance.

Live Call Monitoring

You can track all the calls on your toll free number in real-time and get insights into making your campaign successful without delay.

Number Portability

Number portability helps you retain the same number even though if you relocate your business to some other place.

Why Should You Consider UK Toll Free Number for Your Business?

Better Brand Image

Toll free numbers help your business consolidate the brand image as customer-friendly, and easy to access for all the customers.

Perfect Campaign Management

UK phone numbers come with several options for campaign management. You can run multiple campaigns together with different preset goals.

User-Friendly Portal

We have designed a user-friendly portal with all the necessary features in it. You don’t need any training to get the hang of it.

Steady Business Presence

UK toll free numbers also ensure a regular business presence for all your prospective customers and their particular needs.

Superior Accessibility

0808 numbers enhance the overall accessibility of your business by making customers more likely to place a call.

Customer-Centric Approach

UK toll free number is also very customer-centric as it takes into consideration the customer priorities such as cost and effort behind a service.

Higher Number of Customers

UK toll free numbers help you increase the number of customer connections in less time period because of the ease and user-friendly process.

Business Features

You can choose different customizable features with your UK toll free number to make sure it fits well for your business needs.

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Safe Cloud

CallCenterHosting hosts its services on the most advanced data centers that take all the necessary measures to keep the cloud secure.

Round The Clock Support

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We provide round the clock support to our customers and try our level best to make your experience seamless and effortless.

Higher Revenue

Higher Revenue

Our pricing is highly cost-effective for our users that makes sure that you get the best return on your investment for our solutions.

Toll Free Numbers Provide Scalability

Business Scalability

We provide solutions for small as well as large businesses and address all the scaling demands that your business needs.