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VoIP brings cheaper calls and scalability to the table. In addition to this, it also brings user-friendliness. VoIP excels not only in terms of features but as an economic channel to avail the best calling services in the least possible investment.

You can be an owner of a small or large business or a call center manager, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has completely revolutionized the communication sector, today. The unique benefits that VoIP delivers to a business are many, but low VoIP call rates dominate all over.

Then why not benefit your business with advanced and contemporary communication technology and leave the responsibility for all the back-end works and maintenance to the service provider.

is one of the reputable wholesale VoIP termination providers, and the company has a forward-looking methodology to make VoIP termination process smart and beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for the VoIP services providers or resellers.

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A Versatile and Cost-Effective VoIP Solution


Call Termination

It implies an act of directing the outbound calls to a particular destination on the network. Our VoIP termination service includes multiple termination points in various countries. All in all, there is no limitation to the call termination process.

Covers Every Country

The VoIP call termination service from covers every single country where you can terminate your outbound calls. So, once you have opted services for the wholesale VoIP termination, every country is in your access that too in cheaper call rates.

Complete Security

We, as a Wholesale VoIP service provider, make sure that all the security parameters are in place and for the same reason we host our services on highly secure data centers. These data centers take several measures to avoid any kind of breach or infringement.

HD Voice Quality

You get a crystal clear voice quality while using voice over internet protocol. It turns out to be a new experience for the user because traditional telephony doesn’t give such high definition voice quality.

Various Plans

You can pick a plan that suits best to you. We have various plans available that vary in their offerings. You can contact our consultant anytime over the chat or call to know which plan goes best with your business and fits well with your needs.

Call Detail Records

VoIP based call termination also provides Call Detail Records (CDR) that carries every information about the ongoing calls. It helps the user to track and manage the call volume and utilise the least cost route.

Why You Need Wholesale VoIP?


Fits Your Budget

VoIP wholesale termination services come in a very low cost that leads to substantial savings. VoIP delivers its services over the Internet and is compatible with desktop and hand-held devices. So, you can work on the move. Configuration and maintenance are handled by CallCenterHosting.


User-Friendly System

VoIP makes things easier related to management and deployment. Our experts help in every single step for the deployment of services that makes it a lot user-friendly. You don’t need to put extra efforts once you have decided to take services from us. We offer customized plans as well.


Expand Your Network

Wholesale VoIP gives you the autonomy to get call termination facility for different countries. So, it helps you do business on the move and communicate, uninterruptedly. People located in different continents can come on a single platform and work together towards some powerful results.


Reseller Accounts Management

Our interactive portal helps in easy account management for the different customers and resellers. It includes rate management, invoice management, customer management, reseller management, and it also has a dashboard that gives extensive reports about all the call related details.


Growth Opportunity

Wholesale VoIP brings you many opportunities for growth through your business communication. CallCenterHosting provides you with the best quality services at a suitable price that helps your business grow. We try and make sure to avoid any connectivity failure for a better experience.


Trusted and Secure

CallCenterHosting takes services from renowned data centers that take several measures for security. Updated software and anti-viruses make sure to avoid any kind of security breach or data theft. CallCenterHosting ensures that its users should get the most updated software.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Higher ROI

    VoIP based calling solutions are widely known for their economic nature. VoIP based call termination brings in a higher possibility towards a better return of investment.

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    Our experts keep awake 24x7 to provide any kind of support to our customers while using our VoIP termination services. We ensure from our end that an issue should be resolved at the earliest.

  • Secure Servers

    Connects its users to highly secure servers with a login ID and password. It makes any security related issue highly unlikely.

  • Detailed Billing

    We provide detailed billing services to our customers so that you get a clear idea of your expenditure on the services that you are using.

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