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Today, when the time to pay attention is less, it gets too tough to grab the attention of an individual for few seconds. And every medium of making a business communication is trying hard to get those few moments of attention from the leads or customers.

In such scenario, call broadcast is one such tool that connects to thousands of individuals. Here individuals comprise not only leads but voters, employees and customers as well. So, voice broadcasting tool assures that if there are receiving ends, the messages will be conveyed to them, effortlessly.

In addition to this, automated phone calls comes with many such features that exactly fit in the needs behind the purpose to send a voice message. So, if you want as many as people to listen to you then voice broadcasting is a perfect tool that delivers the voice message in a large number at the lowest possible cost.

Pick voice broadcasting to outreach your leads and witness a substantial increase in the numbers of clients.
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Features That Multiply The Utility Of Voice Broadcasting

Text To Speech

This is a quick message customisation, just type out the text and turn it into a voice message as exactly what you want.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule your campaigns as per your business needs. Adjust the timing to send the messages with high possibility of conversion.


Effective IVR that gives prompts for the listener to take steps and engage with the services. You can get a customized IVR.

Real Time Reporting

Get the extensive reports in real time to know exactly where your voice message is heading for your customer base.

Voicemail Detection

Voicemail detection removes the possibility of exhausting the efforts of broadcasting voice messages over unnecessary numbers.

DNC Management

With a “do not call” list, this automated voice broadcast feature refrains from dialing those numbers who do not want to receive a call.

Audio File Upload

While running the campaign, you can record an audio file and upload it. It can also be customised anytime later as per the requirement.

Leave A Message Option

This feature works like Voicemail. It allows the listener to leave a message once the call is connected.

Successful/ Unsuccessful Reports

These call reports help you to judge the success of your campaign and apply some changes to get the best results out of it.

Time Zone Controller

You can easily decide the time zone before making the calls in bulk. This feature keeps the relevancy of the calls upbeat.

CRM Integrations

CRM integration equips voice broadcasting tool to deliver the best experience to the customers and develop a relationship.

Detailed Call Logs

A detailed call log is equally essential to track and monitor the calls. Voice broadcasting tool keeps every tiny detail.

Phone List Uploader

Upload the contact list of all the leads at total ease and make sure you have it all saved for making connections in future.

Cloud Based Model

Cloud based calling infrastructure makes sure that the calling process remains flawless and user-friendly and hardware free.

Multifarious Usage Of Voice Broadcasting

Timely Reminder

Voice broadcasting helps in sending a reminder to patients and customers for an upcoming appointment. Further with the help of “leave a message” option, the appointment can be confirmed.

Business Notifications

Several businesses use voice broadcasting to notify their customers about the purchase, service or the transactions happened or pending.

Promotion and Discounts

Bulk voice call service is also used to make customers aware about the promotional offers or discounts that they can avail.

Phone Surveys

Phone surveys can be run to get important data from the existing customer base. These surveys help in measuring the level of satisfaction among the customers.


Campaigns such as political as well as marketing are run with specific goals. The results can be speculated well in advance.

Order Confirmation

Many online portals use automated voice message to confirm the orders with the customers and give them options to pay in cash or otherwise.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

We provide 24x7 customer support that ensures we are always there for our customers to help you use this tool flawlessly.

Strong Customer Base

Strong Customer Base

Turning the promising leads into loyal customer is what every business seeks for and voice broadcasting helps in doing the same.

Result Oriented Campaigns

Result Oriented Campaigns

Run well designed campaigns that only bring results to your company and make sure that every step taken should lead to business growth.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We have a very competitive pricing model that makes it more cost effective in the market. Higher benefits in much lesser cost.