International Virtual Number

Give Your International Customers A Point
Of Contact In Their Local Calling Rates

International Virtual Numbers Help You Get Traction From The International Audience

Forward the call to any number or extension with flawless call routing

If your product and service has an audience in different countries, then keeping an international virtual number for your business is very effective. Because an international virtual number gives your customers a point of contact that they can use by incurring local calling rates.

International virtual number helps you in connecting with the customers who remain untapped because of the lack of a channel that is easy to use. With international virtual number, you ensure a local presence of your business in the particular country.

The call charges are borne by the caller as well as the business owner. But it is substantially reduced because callers are now charged by local call rates instead of international rates if they want to reach out to your business located in a different country. It increases the incoming call volume of the customers from the same country.

We at CallCenterHosting make sure that your time and money should always be given proper value. So, we try our level best to give you frictionless customer experience. We also help you zero in the plan that suits your business in its best way.
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Features of International Virtual Number Increase Your Business Propositions

Call Forwarding

You can forward the calls to any extension or any number without any hassle or interruption. It ensures you don’t miss any of the business opportunities.

Call Analytics

It comes with detailed analytics that provides various insights related to the ongoing calls, and you can use these insights for business decisions.


You can personalize your voicemail, and you immediately get notified by an email that you have received a voice message from a prospect.

IVR Integration

Integrate IVR with multi-level options and give your callers a self-help tool to reach a particular extension or a solution.

Call Recording

You can record all the incoming calls on your international virtual number and make sure to get some promising insights out of it.

Local Prefixes

You can keep local prefixes for different states and give your local customer base a feeling that your business is nearby in the same country.

Call Conferencing

Include more than one participants on the same call with call conferencing feature and that too in HD voice quality and glitch-free call connection.

Why Should You Consider International Virtual Number for Your Business?

Better Brand Image

International virtual numbers help you strengthen your brand as they help in reducing the communication gap between your business and local customers.

Easy to Run Campaigns

You can run several campaigns simultaneously without any hassle and track the overall success of your campaign with detailed reports in real-time.

User-Friendly Portal

The portal is very easy to use, and it’s well-designed to make sure that all the needed features should be well in access to the user in lesser steps.

Steady Customer Base

Giving your business a local presence with the help of an international virtual number makes your business presence for the local customers.

Better Business Access

International virtual numbers with local prefixes incur local charges to the caller. So, without any physical location of your business, you connect with your customers in a different country.

Highly Business-Centric

The detailed reports coming from the portal provide many business-centric insights that lead your business towards better business propositions.

Increased Customer Connections

Once you give your customers a channel for communication, you make your chances superior for a higher number of customer connections in less time and effort.

Better Marketing Practice

Having international virtual phone numbers can help you tap more opportunities to communicate with your business propositions, effectively.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Advanced Cloud

Advanced Cloud

We take services from the most advanced and secure data centers located at several places in the world.

Return of Investment

Return of Investment

Our plans are cost-effective, and we consult and understand your needs to help you decide the best plan for you.

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Flexible and Scalable

CallCenterHosting provides communications solutions that are easy to scale and are flexible in addressing your business demands.

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Once you decide to get a solution from us, we provide all the necessary support to make your experience seamless and worthwhile.