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Connect to Your Customers Better
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Automated Dialers Grab Every Opportunity of Customer Connection

Make customer conversations more accurate and effortless

Outbound dialer is a simple and result-oriented solution to achieve a higher number of customer connections. Outreach your customers and connect with them for higher market penetration and brand recognition.

Cloud-based dialers are forward-looking technology that make sure every customer information is purposefully used for outreaching different types of customer sets. And that’s where the role of intelligent technology such as cloud becomes more prominent.

Different types of automated outbound dialer technology carry different utilities and are significant in different scenarios. So, out of all the available dialers, you can choose one that suits you best in terms of addressing your business needs.
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Types of Outbound Dialers that Make Call Centers More Efficient

Auto Dialer

Outbound auto dialer system dials all the numbers automatically once the list of leads is uploaded. It helps the agents by reducing their efforts significantly.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers work on an algorithm that uses the average handling time of the individual agents to place the next call at the most appropriate time.

Power Dialer

It places one call after another. So, it attempts one outbound call per agent. It increases the number of call connections multiple times.

Preview Dialer

Preview dialer shows some information about each customer before dialing their numbers. It helps the agents to make informed decisions about the conversation.

Progressive Dialer

As soon as the progressive dialer finds that the agent is free, it places a new call. So, it utilizes the agent availability to the utmost level.

GOautodial Hosting

We provide all types of hosting support for the GOautodial. It comes with several call management and campaign management features.

VICIdial Hosting

We provide every support related to VICIdial hosting that comes with various administration features that you can customize accordingly.

Robo Dialer

It dials all the uploaded numbers automatically with precision and expeditiously. It also provides detailed reports to make the most out of the available data.

Give Robust Support to Campaigns with Outbound Dialer System

Detailed Reports

Different types of automatic dialers provide every possible data insight that can further help in making your outbound campaign result-oriented and successful.

Customer Base

You can easily tap the potential of a steady customer base by outreaching customers in an intelligent way with the help of customer data.

Higher ROI

Outbound auto dialer system achieves a higher return on investment. As you can pick a plan that suits your budget, appropriately.

Campaign Management

There are various campaign management features that you can be customized to reap the utmost benefits out of the ongoing campaigns.

Better Direct Sales

Cloud-based outbound dialing software helps you achieve the best direct sales figures because they work based on the insights from the customer data.

Promotional Messages

Various features of outbound calling software help in product promotion by connecting with customers purposefully and strategically.

CRM Integration

Automatic dialers also support CRM integration to help agents with the needed customer information, immediately.

Predictive Analytics

With the help of predictive analytics, automated dialers can predict the best possibilities to make connections with the customers.

Sales Acceleration

Outbound dialer system also supports sales acceleration by effortless customer connection and supporting relevant communication with customers.

What to Look for while Selecting an Outbound Dialer

How many Agents?

Picking a right dialer depends on various factors, and the number of agents is one of them. The outbound dial ratio directly relates to the number of agents available.

What type of customer needs?

It is necessary to understand customer needs before deciding the right dialer to address customer needs.

What type of lead source?

The type of lead source and its quality also decides which dialer is going to help you best in outreaching customers.

What type of customer base?

Some businesses have their customer base spread across different continents, and some have customers based in just one country.

What type of call center process?

There are various processes in a call center such as lead generation or sales acceleration, so, a particular type of outbound dialing software works better for a particular purpose.

Where Do We use Outbound Dialer Solution?

Telemarketing Calls

Telemarketing needs a higher number of call connections, and that requires outreaching customers with strategies and apt utilization of data and resources. Outbound dialer solutions from CallCenterHosting come with several features that make customer-agent conversations more frequent.

Marketing Surveys

If you need feedback from customers, you are more likely to find it when you outreach your customers at the right time with the proper method. The feedback from the customers helps understand the inclination of customers in the market.


You can also get a collective opinion from people with the help of outbound calling software. For every connected call, the person at the other end is given multiple options to choose from. The detailed report provides insights about the compartmentalized opinion.


Some companies try to connect with their customer with the help of click-to-call. Once a user clicks a button given on the website, he receives a call back from the customer service executive, immediately.

After Sales Support

After sales support if done properly to earn loyalty in the customers. Placing outbound calls for after-sales support helps you reconnect with your customers, purposefully. After-sales support is also necessary to ensure a better customer experience.


Some companies also place outbound calls to send reminders to the customers about a new offer or a due payment. A reminder is always helpful in connecting with the customers, purposefully.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

HD Voice Quality

HD Voice Quality

Now, make every communication in HD voice quality. CallCenterHosting supports HD voice quality on every interaction with cloud-based solutions.


Competitive Pricing

The solutions from CallCenterHosting come with the most competitive pricing in the market. We have decided our pricing model considering the customer needs.

App Integration

Most of the business application in the market can be easily integrated with the outbound dialer solutions from CallCenterHosting, leading to better results.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

We provide 24x7 support to our customers, ensuring that the customers should have an uninterrupted communication experience.