Preview Dialer

Make Use of Customer Information to Synchronize
It with Your Outbound Dialing

Preview Dialer helps you Review Your Customers before Outreaching them

Preview dialer is an automatic dialer with an ability to make agents aware of the customer information just before dialing the number. So, an agent gets to see some key information about the customer before the dialer place the call.

Based on of information popped up, the agent gets an option to either skip the number or allow the dialer to dial it. This methodology of outreaching customers saves a lot of agent time and makes the outbound calling process more result oriented.

In addition to this, the agents also get time to be fully prepared with the essential customer information to help customers with the most accurate solution. Preview dialer is useful outbound tool because it helps your agents to communicate with customers with to the point insights.
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Why Preview Dialers make a Complete Call Center Tool?

Personalized Communication

With the right customer information handy, the agents can give a customized touch to their conversation with the customers with certain information.

Better Conversion Rate

Preview dialer also helps in a better conversion rate because the customer-agent conversation becomes more result-oriented and insightful.

Customer Centric

Preview dialers are very customer-centric in their approach, and they are designed to give the very first priority to the customers.

No Downtime

An agent dials the customer number after reviewing the customer info. So there remains no question for downtime.

Strategic Approach

The agents can review the customer information and have a strategic approach towards customer outreach.

Less Call Abandonment

An agent gives a prompt to place the next call, so there is no question of call abandonment in the name of unavailability of agents.

Easy to use Portal

The portal is easy to use, and you don’t need any special training to run it. For any question, our experts are always there to respond.

Better Agent Performance

Every information about the customers that is shown in the preview helps the agents to make a result-oriented communication.

Features that make Preview Dialer an Essential Tool for Call Centers


Preview dialer is entirely cloud-based that makes it more efficient in terms of using the customer data purposefully and helping the agents with needed information.

Detailed Analytics

Preview dialer provides detailed reports about all the call related activities. Such reports help to measure the overall call center productivity.

DNC Filtering

Preview dialer itself filters the non-productive numbers that are registered on the DNC list. It saves the agent efforts and time by only dialing the useful numbers.

Agent Script

Users can also upload an agent script in the dialer to guide the agents with specific information and detailed instructions by defining some preset goals and mandatory points.

Answering Machine Detection

Preview dialer detects and eliminates the answering machines to ensure that the agent time should be utilized on all the useful numbers only while outreaching customers.

CRM Integration

Preview dialer easily integrates with CRM to make sure every customer information stays handy to the agents for purposeful interactions.

Call Monitoring

Check if your outbound campaign is heading into the right direction and take informed decisions based on of the insights coming from the data and other analytical results.

Call Back

You can also schedule a call back for all those outbound calls that went unattended. In this way, you don’t miss out on a single lead by attempting to reconnect with them.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Secure Cloud

CallCenterHosting hosts its services on the data centers that take all the necessary security measure to evade any unfavorable situation.

24x7 Support

We provide round the clock support to our customers. Our team of experts makes sure that your experience with our solution should be smooth.

Relevant Features

Our cloud-based preview dialer comes with all the relevant features that make it a versatile solution in the call center environment.


The cloud-based preview dialer is very cost-effective in terms of generating the return of investment with various budget-friendly plans.