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The outbound call center solution from CallCenterHosting assures a higher number of customer connections without much hassle. A complete outbound solution that comes in affordable pricing and works in HD voice quality.

The outbound communication to connect with customers is an essential part of every organization small or big. CallCenterHostings’ outbound call center solution is equipped with various types of dialers such as Manual, Auto, and Predictive. These dialers help the agents become more efficient and also create a higher number of quality leads.

Now, with the support of cloud technology, the outbound solutions have become more efficient in terms of using the customer data.

CRM integration and compatibility with other business applications make the outbound call center solutions a must for every customer support environment.

Outbound Call Center Solutions
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Real-Time Reports

Get a complete picture of your outbound campaigns with the help of real-time reporting and introduce significant changes.

Effective Campaign Management

Run a campaign with an assurance of much better results and check all the related statistics easily and effectively.

Steady Customer Base

An efficient outbound campaign results into a steady customer base and we make sure you have the best outbound tools.

Product Promotions

Outbound call center solutions effectively help in doing product promotions as well with some best possible results.

Minimum Operating Cost

The outbound call center solutions work based on cloud technology and they are usually free from the traditional technical requirements.

CRM Integration

CRM integration helps in getting all the necessary customer information handy for the customers while handling them.

Frequent Direct Sales

An effective outbound campaign is the best source of direct sales because of the result oriented features it is equipped with.

Predictive Analytics

Outbound call center solutions based on predictive analytics ensure a much higher number of connections.

Various Usage Of Outbound Call Center



Telemarketing bases on the number of quality outbound calls made. The outbound call center solutions for CallCenterHosting comes with various features that bring in assured connections with the higher number of customers.



Outbound calls also help in running surveys to get feedback on the calls and have a better understanding about anything that needs some speculative measures.



Outbound calls are also used where a collective opinion from people is needed. In this way, when an outbound call has connected the person who receives the call is given various options to choose from.



Various companies give this option of click to call on their website where the visitor is given an option to click the button and then he gets a call back from the customer service executive.


After Sales Support

Ater sale support is the essential part of running a business that helps in making long-lasting loyal customers. Outbound calls for after sale also suggest that you care.



Outbound calls are used to send reminders to the customers for a new offer or a due payment. It helps in staying connected with the customers.

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  • HD Voice Quality

    CallCenterHosting always assures its customers for delivering an HD Voice quality for every kind of communication.

  • 24x7 Support

    Get a 24x7 support from the experts ensures that you will face the least bit of problems while using our services.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our pricing model is the best in the industry and our clients vouch for it and also we do not charge anything for customer support.

  • Business Application Compatibility

    Our call center software easily is highly compatible with the various business applications that enhance its profitability many folds.

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