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Time to Think about a New and Innovative PBX with Several Well Designed Features

Gone are the days when you needed a wired PBX to bring your employees on a single platform. Now, the PBX technology has taken a giant leap because of the cloud technology. The Cloud PBX is a completely new version of the PBX system and it stands far ahead of the tradition ones.

PBX impacts the efficiency of an organisation. The efficiency and productivity of an organisation can go higher by ensuring an effective communication among the employees.

Because when the communication is steady and continuous among the employees then delivering the best of the service to the customers becomes highly likely as the whole team works on the same page.

Cloud PBX simplifies day to day office tasks effectively as it makes an efficient solution to the communication related challenges that an organisation faces.

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Business Continuity

Cloud PBX model ensures a highly glitch free communication platform. The communication between your employees and with the customers continue without any flaw.


Cloud PBX is very flexible and it can be accessed from anywhere. So, anyone can participate in the organisational activities from anywhere and help with their insights.

Robust Security

Cloud PBX is hosted on a private cloud servers. These servers take all the necessary measures to avoid any kind of security breach or intrusion of any virus.

Seamless Experience

Cloud PBX ensures a seamless experience for its users because it incorporates every medium of communication such as voice, video, text. It connects through every possible way.

Easily Scalable

Scalability comes handy with Cloud PBX. All it is needed to have a login ID and password to access an individual account on PBX. You can have any number of account on the PBX.

Number of Extensions

Cloud PBX doesn’t have any limitation on the number of extensions. So, for every additional employees, extra number of extensions can be added very easily.

Lower Cost

Cloud PBX stands out because the benefits are higher in a much lower price. All in all, cloud PBX doesn’t put any extra pressure on the budget of your organisation.

Complete Monitoring

Cloud PBX comes with easy monitoring options of every call related activity through a user friendly dashboard. Monitoring helps in making this PBX more efficient.

How Cloud PBX Works ?

cloud pbx

Cloud PBX is hosted on a secure data center as we can see in the diagram. Cloud PBX is connected to a private network where all the employees of an organisation are available through the internet. All these employees have a login ID and password that gives them a secure access to the PBX. Cloud PBX also uses several protocols to execute a call.

These protocols include TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP), RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), Real-TimeStreaming Protocol (RTSP), Session Description Protocol (SDP), Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) and others. All these protocols in unison, make every call secure and easily get through the internet.

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