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How Predictive Dialer Connects Your Business To Potential Customer

Good customer experience is the key to business success. For your call center business, every customer is important and hosted predictive dialer provides the ability to establish a rapport with your customers while filtering busy numbers, disconnected numbers, no answer and voicemail calls.

Predictive dialer software from CallCenterHosting comes with an intelligence that decides when to call a customer. You don’t need to do anything, just feed it with the bulk of customer data. It calls automatically at the right time. And as soon as the call connects, it routes it to the next available agent.

You don’t need to plan an outbound call either for customers located in different continents. Demographics and time-zones of every individual customer are taken care of while dialing the customer contact numbers. And in addition to this, it avoids connecting agents with the busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines and invalid numbers.

So every effort made towards making an outbound call doesn’t go waste. With efficient lead management and improved call connectivity offered by cloud predictive dialer, a steady customer base for your business becomes a sheer possibility.

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More than just a Dialer

Grab Opportunities

Predictive dialer software helps you tap the right opportunities. It dials only those numbers that are potential to your business.

Immediate Customer Support

We offer free setup and maintenance support of our cloud predictive dialer over chat, phone call, and email – that too 24×7.

Extensive Reports

Extensive reports with potent statistics are generated easily by the dialer that help you track the overall call center productivity.

CRM Integration

Our dialers are compatible for integration with leading CRMs and help in streamlining customer information for the agents.

Customizable Campaigns

A well-customized campaign takes care of customer sets because not every customer is same for the marketing touchpoints.

Live Monitoring

Hosted predictive dialers give an option of monitor and listen to the live calls from anywhere without disturbing the ongoing call.

No Hardware Needed

With cloud-hosted predictive dialer, there is no hassle of any hardware involvement and this makes it user-friendly.

Make Your Business, Truly Yours

In this age of hard core analytics, get the best out of the customer data and ensure a solid customer base for your business.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is so interactive that it gives a clear picture of every ongoing activity with proper statistics and results.

Make A Cloud Move

The whole world is opting for cloud, why aren’t you? The attached benefits are immense and long lasting for your business.

Predictive Dialer Integrates With Powerful Business Applications


Well Equipped Outbound Call Center Solution

The predictive dialer service from CallCenterHosting supports and integrates with every business application and web service related to CRM, ERP, Support Ticket System tools etc. you use. And this feature gives it an edge over other dialers.

The capability of integration makes it a versatile solution as most businesses use them for business success. So, you don’t need a manual data entry to share information across various applications. Business applications automatically take care of the uploaded data and processes accordingly, no manual effort needed, no hassle.

Why Choose Us ?

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    We ensure that our outbound call process should be glitch free and smooth. But if something goes wrong unexpectedly, we are there for every moment.

  • Automatic Workflow

    Our dialer integrated with CRM makes use of every bit of customer data. This ensures an automatic workflow for your agents.

  • Productivity Booster

    Boost up the overall productivity of your call center as our predictive dialer solution will give a boost to total call connection ratio.

  • Higher Revenue

    Revenue is a goal of every business and predictive dialing supports this idea by making an intelligent customer outreach.

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Serchen Reviews

Rating Stars 10 reviews (4.5 out of 5)

Bill Wolfe – Comm Spot

All in all it’s been a very good experience for me so far because their product is flawless and the after sale support is prompt. I recommend their services to anyone looking for a cloud hosted call center solution. Satisfactory experience so far.

Alok Srivastav

I am sure they bring improvements based on customer feedback. I have noticed it several times, it shows their concern for the customer. Their customer focus and service is good.

Jose W. Lebron – Torque Contractors

I have been using CallCenterHosting for quite some time now. Being a cloud hosted call center software, it is very much easy to use and as I run a small contractor business, I can handle my agents in a much better way. At times, the servers are slow, but it never hindered my work.