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Get the benefit of US toll free numbers and make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity for the connection with the customers. US toll free number is an easy way to make a connection with the customers from the US, Canada, and Caribbean countries.

We value your business hours and make sure that our solutions should adhere to all the compliance and customer needs. The activation is very easy, and it doesn’t take much time to activate the number. You can also keep multiple extensions on the same number to forward the incoming calls as per your need.

US 800 numbers have proven to be an efficient medium to increase the volume of your customer connections and also have a steady customer base.
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Get the Benefits of US Toll Free Numbers
and Make Every Prospective Customer Count

Local Prefixes

The US toll free number comes with local prefixes that cover various states of the US to give local presence to your business.

Call Recording

Record every single call arriving on the 1800 number and listen to them to get more insights to improve business communication.

Multi-level IVR

You can also integrate a multi-level IVR with the free phone number for the listeners to prompt many business-oriented actions.

Call Conferencing

You can include several people on the same call to have a discussion by keeping participants on a single platform to tackle issues together.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding feature allows you to forward the call coming on your 800 number to any other number that you have assigned to.

Call Analytics

Call analytics give you detailed report and all the statistics related to the incoming calls on your USA toll free number.

Enhanced Voice Quality

Cloud-based telephony completes all the calls through the Internet in HD voice quality that multiplies the good user experience.

Customizable Plans

You can choose 1800 number plans as per your needs. You can also customize features that suit best to your business.

Number Portability

US toll free numbers are also portable, and you can retain a number even if you relocate your business from one place to another.

Why Should You Consider US Toll Free Numbers for Your Business?

Brand Image

US toll free numbers bring recognition to your brand and also support the brand image as they give your business a professional look.

Call Forwarding Rules

You can make sure none of the calls should be missed by setting many call forwarding rules to forward the incoming calls to your toll free number.

Centralized Access

It’s a single point of contact for your business and gives you a channel to make your business accessible for all the customers from every state of the US.

Campaign Management

1800 numbers are also used as efficient marketing tools. They give several data insights to help you manage campaigns better and take strategic decisions.

User-Friendly Portal

The portal is very easy to use, and you don’t need any training to get the hang of it. It is designed considering user preferences and campaign needs.

Business Presence

Your business gets a steady presence for all the customers who are residing in the US, Canada, and other areas and make them more likely to call you for business.


US toll free number enhances the accessibility of your business many folds as your US-based customers can call you for free without any effort.


1800 numbers are also customer-centric because it has features that keep the customer needs as well as business goals in the first priority.


You can pick a plan that fits your budget and business needs perfectly, and you can also change and customize it anytime further after consulting with us.

Easy to Use Channel

1800 number is free and easy to use a channel, and most of the customers are well acquainted with such business numbers, and they use it frequently.

Customer Connections

USA toll free number improves the total number of customer connections because it doesn’t incur any cost and is also very user-friendly.

Business Features

Various customizable business features make 800 numbers more versatile for every type and scale of business to achieve better results.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

We host our services on the most secure and sophisticated data centers that take necessary measures to keep your data safe.

Number Retention

Number Retention

In case if you are relocating your business, you can keep the existing number with you to ensure seamless experience for your customers.

Interactive Portal

Interactive Portal

Our portal is well-designed to track details related to all the call activities. It also provides call detail record for better insights.

Customize Features

Customizable Features

Out of all the features, you can pick those ones that are the most useful for your business. We help you customize these features.