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Cloud-Based Communication Solutions that Help in
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Give Your Customers an Exceptional Experience with Cloud-Based Communication

Steady and uninterrupted communication with customers is the heart of every industry’s success, and it makes the scenario much customer-friendly. Because travelers get in touch with the service provider for various reasons related to ticket-booking or lodging.

Cloud-based communication solutions are the best way to address these challenges in the travel and transport industry. Here it is necessary to understand that while you opt for cloud-based solutions, you open yourself to all the possibilities of scalability and flexibility. Another good reason behind cloud-based communication solutions making a mark in the travel industry is it works on the pay-as-you-go model. So, you pay only for what you use. Additionally, you can choose the features set as per the business requirement.
Communication Solution For Travel Industry

Features that Make Cloud Communication Solution Relevant for the Travel Industry

CRM Integration

CRM integration helps you maintain the detailed information of all the customers and make connections with specific goals like lead conversion and promotional offers.

Toll-Free Number

Keeping a toll-free number helps in giving travelers a medium of contact so that they don’t need to think twice while approaching the service provider.

Automatic Call Distribution

Travel industry is a seasonal industry, and during peak seasons the call volume increases, so it becomes essential to handle those calls with precision and efficiency.

Call Queue

When the call volume is high, and all the agents are busy. This feature allows in keeping every next call in a queue so that no call should be missed.

Call Recording

Call recording feature helps in recording all the calls and later listen to them to understand where the callers are not getting what they need and other scopes of improvement.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Giving callers an IVR makes them self dependent, and they don’t speak with the agents for simple information. It also helps in customer engagement.


As soon as the caller clicks on this button, they get a call back from the service provider in the next few minutes. It makes the connection process easier.

Voice Broadcasting

You can send bulk messages with recorded audio files to all the travelers for intimidating them for crucial information that they need to know.

Make Traveling Experience Smoother With Our Cloud-Based Solutions

Easy Ticket Bookings

Ticket Booking

This is one of the most essential needs of the travel industry, and it is necessary to make a seamless experience for the customers. Travel industry uses various means to make this process effortless and seamless for the callers. Cloud-based solutions come with specific features that provide substantial help in this context. CRM integration, IVRs, and automated call routing make customer connection easy. The travel industry looks for a higher number of connections with the customers, and cloud-based solutions make it possible.

Round the Clock Support

The travel industry comes with a need for round the clock support from the service providers. There are several occasions when travelers need to change their plan or itinerary without any prior notice, and they access for support from different time-zones. In this scenario, the role of toll-free number and IVRs become very important. It helps travelers to get any kind of support from the service provider. In addition to this, there is also the voicemail feature that provides the callers an option to register their queries and messages. As a service provider, you get a notification through email about the voicemail.

Round The Clock Support
Send Notifications & Reminders

Notifications and Reminders

Any type of change in the schedule should be notified to the customers without delay. Most of the service providers need to have a medium to communicate with customers to make sure any important information should not be missed by the travelers. The travelers can be informed by text or voice messages. Sending recorded audio messages with the needed information is one way most of the service providers are opting for to connect with the travelers, purposefully. Cloud-based communication solutions can be customized and scheduled immediately based on the essential information.