Progressive Dialer

Make it Effortless for Your Agents to Outreach
Customers with Progressive Dialer

Automated Phone Dialing Makes Outreaching Customers Easy and Efficient

Boost Your Overall Agent Productivity for Higher Conversion

Every call center looks for enhancing the overall agent productivity. And what works best in giving a boost to the overall productivity is finding the right tools that lead to better results. Progressive dialer is one such outbound tool that makes the most out of the agent time and reduces the efforts behind outbound campaigns many folds.

Progressive Dialer Software is unique because as soon as it gets to know that the agent has wrapped up the previous call, it immediately places the next call. Since there is an agent available for every outbound call made, so it reduces the call abandonment rate as well as agent downtime.

The functioning of automated dialing system impacts the overall productivity by keeping agents more occupied over relevant call connections.
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Why Progressive Dialing Completes Your Outbound Call Center?

Agent Utilization

It helps in utilizing the agent availability to the fullest because it places a new call immediately when the agent gets free from the previous one.

No Down Time

There remains no possibility of waiting or hold for the customers because, for every outbound call made, an agent is always available to speak.

Better Productivity

Automatic Phone Call Software delivers much better agent productivity because it saves time and efforts of the agents that go behind placing calls.

Remote Login

An agent can log in from any remote location as automatic dialers work on cloud technology. Further, it saves every data on the cloud to be accessed later.

No Call Abandonment

It withdraws the possibility of call abandonment because there is an agent available to attend every call connected to a customer.

User-Friendly Portal

Our user-friendly portal is intuitive enough that a user doesn’t need to put any effort in learning how to operate the dialer. It is designed considering various user requirements.

Better ROI

Progressive dialing also allows a better ROI because it enhances the conversion rate by increasing the number of customer connections in unit time.

Lesser Agent Idle Time

Cloud-based automatic dialer places new calls immediately, so it leaves no room for agent idle time by continuously dialing the numbers from the list.

Better Efficiency

Automatic phone call software spends less time in dialing numbers and gives agents more opportunities to speak with customers by making a higher number of connections.

Relevant Feature Sets make Progressive Dialer Even More Versatile

Detailed Analytics

It provides detailed analytics about every call happened. These reports help in making informed decisions for outbound campaigns.

Cloud-Based Model

Progressive dialer software works on cloud technology, ensuring that every essential customer information is safe and can be retrieved for further usage.

DNC Filtering

With the help of this feature, the dialer filters out all those numbers registered on the DNC list and helps agents in dialing with a more focused approach.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor all the outbound calls to check if your outbound campaign is heading in the right direction and make changes accordingly for better results.

Call Back

You can easily schedule a call back for all the unanswered calls and busy tones. It ensures that you shouldn’t miss out on a single lead in the outbound campaign.

CRM Integration

Progressive dialer supports CRM integration to makes sure customer information is handily available to agents instantly for fast customer service.

Answering Machine Detection

It detects and filters out answering machines to make sure that the agent time is utilized for relevant calls only.

Call recording feature enables to record and store all the calls to help analyze the communication happened between customers and agents.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Round The Clock Support

24 x7 Support

CallCenterHosting provides its customers round the clock support to make sure the overall experience should be seamless and smooth.

Cost-Effective Plans

Various Plans

The cloud-based dialer comes with various cost-effective plans that the customers can choose from as per their particular needs.

Progressive Dialer Features

Relevant Features

The progressive dialer from CallCenterHosting has all the necessary features that make our solutions even more versatile.

Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Our team of experts tries their level best to provide customers with the best possible solutions in the least time invested.