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a UK Virtual Number

It depends on the call volume and people in the UK will bear local call charges only

Get the freedom to route calls to any device and other great benefits without incurring a huge bill with a virtual number. The number will allow you to maintain a local presence for your UK customers from anywhere in the world. So, your business can operate out of any location and can use the virtual phone number to target customers across the UK.

With a huge inventory of virtual number that cover every part of the UK, helping you setup a local presence without the need for physical presence. The UK virtual number will allow your customers to connect with you as they would with a local business.

With virtual number you also get the freedom to assign it any number of phone extensions you want. Quick activation and easy to use, the virtual number will ensure that your business gets the mobility and features that would take it to greater heights.
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Get These Great Features with UK Virtual Number and Enjoy Higher Profits


Integrate IVR with your UK virtual number. The IVR provides self-service options and can help guide the customer to the right department for a solution.

International Calling

Make an international call at the same rate as the local one. A great aid if your organisation is spread across different countries.

Call Routing Options

With extensive call routing options at your disposal, you can route the calls to the correct extension and that too without any delay.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports about the calls on the portal itself. The reports can help you find areas that need improvement, plan for the future, among other things.

Call Block

The UK virtual number comes with the call block feature. It allows you to filter out calls from specific area or region. Custom Voiceail With a virtual number, you can set a customisable voice mail, so whenever you miss out on a call, you get a voicemail.

Call Queue

Place your caller in queues when your employees can’t take calls. This features plays a message or music or both, while caller waits in the queue, assigning them to next available agent.

Call Forwarding

The virtual number allows you to never miss a call by allowing you to set forwarding options to another number.

Conference Calling

UK virtual number comes with conference, for times when your organization requires you to connect to multiple parties on the same call.

Why Should Consider Getting a UK Virtual Number?

Minimal Investment

Getting a virtual number requires minimal or no investment in infrastructure or workforce. The hardware currently used apart from new IP phones, would work fine, which your current staff can easily manage through the portal.

Numerous Feature

The virtual number comes with numerous feature like IVR, CRM integration and more, that can help you offer better service to your customer.

Improved Customer Service

The virtual number can be assigned as a front for multiple lines and can be used as a toll free number to allow your customers to connect with your business.

Creates Goodwill

Using a virtual number creates goodwill in the market as customer service gets a better, and a positive image for your business is created among customer.

Increases Profits

The virtual number helps in increasing productivity and retention of customers with minimal investment, driving the profits substantially.

Cost Saving

You do not require any investment in hardware or staff, and with plans that can be customised as per your needs, you will be saving a good amount of money.

Business Friendly Service

The virtual number comes with a feature that suits business of all sizes and all industries. The service package can tailor-made to suit your budget.

Easy to Manage

The virtual number features, the lines assigned to it, and other things can be easily managed through a simple portal.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Keep Your Number

Keep Your Number

When you shift your office to a new place, you can still keep the old number to ensure that your customer face no hiccups when it comes to contacting you.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Our plans are fully customizable. So, you can choose the services you want as per your needs and requirements.

Easy-to-Use Portal

Easy-to-Use Portal

Our easy-to-use portal helps you keep track of various activities in the call center. With detailed reports, you can easily gain better insight into different function.


All our services are hosted on secure data center with industry standard security measures in place to keep your data safe.