Virtual Number

Wider Business Reach. Easier Routing.
Improved Customer Experience.

Why Do You Need A Virtual Number?

The answer lies in the exceptional benefits that come with the virtual number. From the ability to make international calls in the price of local calls to the freedom of routing the call to any device (mobile or softphone), virtual number adds agility without raising the bill.

Along with that, you can maintain a virtual presence of your business anywhere. A company located in Europe, willing to target clients in the USA, can use a virtual number of New York to show its local presence and connect better with local clientele.

With CallCenterHosting virtual number solutions, you get secured access to the Call Monitoring and Control Portal to customize the call handling in the organization as per your requirements.
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Virtual Numbers Features For Seamless Customers Connections

Toll Free Numbers And Local Numbers

The virtual number can easily be your toll free number, which multiplies the utilities for even better functionalities that can earn more business.

IVR Menu

You can also implement an IVR with your virtual number. The IVR comes with various menu options that one can choose to arrive at a solution.

Call Detail Reports

You get every single detail about the ongoing calls available on the portal that can further help you to analyze the overall productivity of the call center.

Customizable Voicemail

You get a customizable voicemail. The welcome greetings can be customized, and when you miss a call, you can receive voicemail over the email.

Call Routing Options

The call routing feature helps in routing the calls to the right extension without any delay. With other options like music-on-hold, routing is even better.

International Calling

Connect to international numbers at almost the same cost of the local number. So, different branches of a company can easily connect with each other.

Ring Groups

Ring group is about making strategies to distribute the incoming calls. Notifications for the incoming calls can be set as per the administrator’s preference.

Call Block

The virtual number service comes with a call block feature. It means it will block the unproductive and junk calls to allow only the valuable callers to interact.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

After Sale Support

After Sale Support

After selling the number, we provide continuous customer support to our customers. So, where ever you are, we make sure your virtual number is functioning correctly.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Our dashboard is easy-to-use, and it has been designed in such a way that it depicts ‘which feature is where’. It doesn’t take much time for the user to get the hang of it.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our pricing will never deter you to pick a service from us. We have a pricing model that is suitable for every size of business. It is also easy to understand.

Advanced Time Conditions

Advanced Time Conditions

Our virtual number solutions come with a superior time conditions feature to decide how the calls are routed during the business hours and out of it.