Cloud Predictive Dialer is a One Stop Solution for Every Outbound Calling Needs

Cloud-hosted dialer makes a complete solution to outreach customers with pure intelligence. Cloud-based dialer doesn’t only dial the numbers, but it also analyses the average handling time of the agents and makes the calls at the best suited time ensuring agent availability.

The additional benefits that come with hosted predictive dialer are it integrates with various business applications and CRM software to make it highly result oriented and driven by specific customer data.

The user can also customize the time and call rate of the campaign as per the demographics and other business aspects related to the prospective leads.

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Features that Give an Edge to the Hosted Predictive Dialer
CRM Integration
CRM Integration

Call center solution with integrated CRM ensures that every single customer information is well taken care of and is saved on cloud.

User-Friendly Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is highly interactive and its user-friendliness just makes these solutions more versatile for the call center environment.

Campaign Management
Campaign Management

Manage your campaigns with every information handy and get the best output ensuring a highly stable customer base.

Predictive Dialing
Predictive Dialing

Dialers based on predictive analytics get frequent customer-agent connections and the number of business interactions shoot up.

Skill Based Routing
Skill Based Routing

Direct your customers to the right agents who have the right skills and the most appropriate responses leading to a better customer experience.

Extensive Reports & Analytics
Reports and Analytics

Extensive reports based on data analytics that help in getting the best productivity out of your call center and maintain it for a longer time.

Why You Should Think About a Predictive Dialer?
Enhance Productivity
Enhance Productivity Multiple Times
Enhance Productivity

Predictive dialer tries its level best to keep your agents occupied over a call. It utilizes the availability of agents to the best possible level and attempts outbound calls at the perfect time. In this way, the predictive dialer dials new numbers in advance before the previous call completion and connects the customers to the agents as soon as they get free.

Predictive dialer enhances the overall call center productivity multiple times by reducing the call wait time and routing the call to the available agents without any delay. Another benefit that comes with cloud-hosted predictive dialer is it provides extensive reports.

Better Return of Investment
Better Return of Investment

The cloud-hosted predictive dialer comes in affordable pricing, and it gives a better return of investment in terms of the number of customer connections it makes. An effective customer outreach depends on appropriate timing and strategy.

Hosted predictive dialer also helps in sales acceleration by giving the agents more opportunities to connect with the customers and pitch about the product or service. Sales acceleration is a result of multiple connections between customer and agents.

Better Return of Investment
Enhanced Predictive Dialer Features
Features that Draw Results
Enhanced Predictive Dialer Features

Hosted predictive dialer comes with several such features that make it highly likely to draw positive results. Features like CRM integration, call recording, extensive reporting, customizable campaigns, interactive dashboards, live call monitoring, customizable call pacing ratio, and time zone setting for a particular group of customers and more features make it very resourceful.

All in all hosted predictive dialer is a versatile solution to make the most out of your customer outreach, and the backup of cloud technology makes it highly refined solution in the contemporary scenario of call center business.

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