1800 Number

Give Your Business a Medium of Communication
that Your Customers Recognize and Relate With

People Use 1800 Toll Free Numbers Widely to Connect and Communicate With a Business

Route all the incoming calls to different extensions without any limitation to the maximum number of extensions

The connection between your business and customers can happen in various ways. Customers choose those mediums that are cost-effective and effortless to use. 1800 toll free number fulfills both the criteria without any hassle.

People recognize 1800 numbers as business contact numbers, and they find them much easier to use. Most of the customers choose a voice call to connect with a company over text or email. So, pick a number of your choice and bring your business the best of the possibilities to tap the most relevant customer base.

We, at CallCenterHosting, value your time and money. So, we try our level best to help you with the most appropriate and cost-effective plans and activate it without any delay. So that you don’t miss out on any opportunity of connecting with your loyal customers.
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1800 Number Gives Your Business a Steady Presence as it comes with Many Business-Centric Features

Multi-Level IVR

A multi-level IVR provides your callers with various options that they can select by the press of a button. It can collect responses and, also routes the call to live agents.

Call Recording

You can record every single call that lands on your 1-800 number and save them in HD audio format to analyze the customer-agent communication.

Single Point of Contact

You can have just one number for your business and route simultaneous calls on different extensions. So, you can have multiple extensions to route the calls to different numbers.

Call Conferencing

Include more participants on the single call to make sure you can have a thorough and complete communication over a topic with your teammates.

Call Forwarding

You can forward the incoming call on your 1800 number to your office landline, mobile phone or PBX. Call routing is flawless and accurate.

Call Analytics

Get all the detailed reports about all the incoming call that arrive on your 1800 phone number and don’t miss out on any useful insight towards best business results.

Number Portability

If you already have a number, you can keep the same number and route the incoming calls to it. It keeps the experience for your existing customers seamless and continuous.

Why Should You Consider 1800 Number for Your Business?

Brand Image

1800 toll free numbers give your business a professional look and make your business even more accessible. Because a reliable brand always tries to reduce the communication gap between customers and business.

Better Campaign Management

1800 business phone numbers come with various campaign management features. You can also run multiple campaigns and analyze real-time reports to check the individual campaign success.

User-Friendly Portal

The portal is easy to use that you get the hang of it immediately. All the necessary options are kept strategically to improve the overall user-experience and the sense of ease.

Better Business Presence

1800 phone numbers ensure that your prospective customers with genuine needs will reach out to you without any second thought. It enhances the total number of business connections.

Higher Accessibility

1800 numbers make your business more accessible to your customers as it doesn’t incur any cost to the callers, and by implementing various extensions on the same number you never miss a call.


1800 number is highly customer-centric in nature because its feature set is designed by prioritizing the customers and their needs.

Better Customer Base

1800 numbers are widely used, and most of the customers are aware of it. So, it increases the total number of customer connections and the possibility of a steady customer base.

Customizable Features

Out of all the available features, you can pick the most relevant one for your business and you don’t need to pay for any feature that you don’t use.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

We at CallCenterHosting host our services on the most secure data centers that take every measure to keep your data safe from any threat.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

We provide round the clock support to our customers to ensure seamless customer experience and immediate resolution to any issue.

Team of Experts

Team of Experts

A team of experts provide proper consultation to the customers and make sure that you get the most appropriate solution for your business.



We offer various cost-effective plans that fit your business need perfectly. We provide a thorough consultation to help you get the best plan.