Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Easy to Remember Numbers to Give
Your Business an Edge over Others

Make a Lasting Business Presence in the Market with Vanity Numbers

Pick A Term, Name Of A Product Or Service As A Contact Number For Your Business

Most of the businesses miss out on their loyal customers because they haven’t devised an easy way to connect with their customers. Vanity numbers solve this issue, efficiently. Vanity toll free numbers come with various features and options that lead to easy customer connections.

Vanity numbers are cost-effective and easy to use. You can choose a word, name of a product or service that goes well with your business and use it as a contact number. Once you have a point of contact for your business such as a vanity number, your customers don’t need to remember the complicated arrangement of digits. They can just remember an interesting term that you have given your business contact number.

We value your time and money, and our solution experts at CallCenterHosting make sure you get the most suitable plan for your business and find a solution equipped with the most relevant features. So, why delay? Get vanity toll free numbers for your business and make sure you don’t lose the opportunity of connecting with a loyal customer out there.
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Vanity Phone Number Give Your Business a Solid Brand Recall with Relevant Features

IVR Integration

Vanity number comes with IVR integration capabilities. You can integrate a multi-level IVR to help your callers with various options to choose by the press of a button.

Call Recording

Record every call that lands on your vanity toll free number and save them for future reference to analyze the customer-agent conversation to get better insights.

Multiple Extensions

You can keep one vanity number for your business and route the incoming call to multiple extensions. It enhances the possibility of customer connections. .

Call Conferencing

You can include more than one participant on a single call for a discussion or to deal with an issue as a team with individual contributions.

Call Forwarding

Vanity toll free number comes with the call forwarding feature that helps you forward the calls to your office landline, PBX or mobile phones.

Call Analytics

You get a detailed report for all the incoming calls on your vanity phone number with various filters to get meaningful insights about the overall performance.

API Integration

It can integrate with various business applications such as CRM that enhance its utility many folds. It supports all the widely used software.

Why Should You Consider Vanity Toll Free Number for Your Business?

Brand Image

Vanity numbers support your brand image with the benefits of better communication. A seamless business communication further makes the brand reliable.

Campaign Management

Vanity toll free numbers come with several campaign management features that give you a freedom to run multiple campaigns simultaneously and track the individual performances.

Easy to Use Portal

You don’t need any training to start using this portal. The portal is well-designed and you can easily locate the necessary features and various options to use it properly.

Steady Business Presence

Vanity phone numbers make your business presence more continuous. They are easy to remember, and it is effortless for the customers to place a call with certain business needs.

Better Accessibility

The accessibility of your business enhances multiple times as the vanity numbers give your customers an easy to use option to initiate communication.


Vanity phone numbers come with customer-centric features such as CRM integrations and call forwarding. They are designed after considering the user needs.

Steady Customer base

Vanity numbers easily catch attention of the customers and are easy to remember. It is an effortless communication medium that leads you to a stable customer base.

Highly Customizable

You can select custom vanity toll free number features and make sure that you have the most relevant solution to improve your business communication. .

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Round the Clock Customer Service

Steady Customer Service

We provide 24x7 support to our customers and make sure that we bring out the most suitable solution to our customers.

Expertise in Cloud

Expertise in Cloud

We have been delivering cloud-based service for a decade, and we have plenty of experience in understanding customers and their needs.

Flexible Business Plans

Flexibility in Plans

Business needs vary from person to person. You can choose particular features only and customize your plan as per your business needs.

Robust Cloud Security

Robust Cloud Security

We host our service on the data centers that take every possible measure to keep our services safe from security threats.