Internet Phone Number

Give Your Business the Unprecedented
Benefits of Internet Phone Number

A Communication Channel that Helps You Connect Better with Your Business Prospects

You can forward the calls to any extension by using the online phone numbers

Every business looks for some easier ways to make customer connections. Keeping an internet phone number be it a toll free number or local number, for your business is very beneficial because it is an easy to use channel and people are well-acquainted with it.

Your business prospects remain untapped if they don’t communicate with you. So, keeping a virtual business phone number is essential as it makes a lot of difference in establishing your business as a brand because customers show faith when you open channels for communication with them.

You can get the online phone number in your local area codes irrespective of the country such as the UK, United States, Australia or Canada. So, you can give a virtual presence to your business in those areas as well, where you have a prospective customer base but not a physical office.

We at CallCenterHosting make sure that you get a right VoIP solution for your business according to your requirements. Once you are convinced, we activate your service without any delay by valuing your precious time and money.
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Features of Internet Phone Number Ensure a Better Customer Traction

Live Call Monitoring

Get all the insights in real-time by tracking all the call related activities with the help of data and statistics that take your campaigns ahead.

Call Forwarding

All the incoming calls landing on your VoIP phone number can be forwarded to a pre-designated number easily.

Call Analytics

You get detailed call analytics and stats related to the ongoing calls and campaigns to make sure it is heading in the right direction.

Time-Based Routing

You can route the calls to a particular number in a different time-zone based on their business hours tapping all the possible business opportunities.


You can customize your voicemail as per your business needs, and you also get notified via your email if there is a voice message in your inbox.

IVR Integration

Integrate IVR with your internet phone number and give your callers multiple options to choose and navigate them to a particular destination.

Call Recording

This feature helps you record all the calls to listen to them later to make your customer-agent conversation improved and in tandem with company ethics.

Music on Hold

Play music while your callers are put on hold for an available agent and engage with them. You can customize the music with business messages.

Call Conferencing

Add more participants on a single call with the call conferencing feature and keep everyone on a single platform for a comprehensive discussion.

Why Should You Consider Online Phone Number for Your Business?

Better Consolidation

Keeping a business number helps you gain a professional image and ensure better recognition of your brand with a better communication channel.

Campaign Management

You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and track them individually to measure the overall success of them to bring improvements.

Use-Friendly Portal

We have designed our portal considering all the specific needs of the individual users and made it easy to use and navigate.

Steady Customer Base

Online phone number leads to a higher number of customer connections, and it makes sure that you have a steady customer base.

Business Accessibility

The accessibility of your business increases with the internet phone call as customers prefer this medium to connect with a business over other channels.

Return on Investment

VoIP phone number doesn’t ask for much investment, but its benefits and various features ensure a very good return on it.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Advanced Cloud

Advanced Cloud

We take services from the most advanced data centers that take all the security measures to ensure safer user experience.

No Setup Fees

No Setup Fees

We do not charge for installation, and also there are no hidden fees involved. You pay only for what you use.

After Sales Support

After Sales Support

Our solutions experts provide after-sales support to make sure that your experience with our services should remain frictionless and seamless.

Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and Scalable

Our solutions are flexible in terms of addressing your business demands and can be easily scaled as per your business size.