Voice Broadcasting Software

Make Your Customer Connection Easier and in
High Volume with Voice Broadcasting Software

Automated calling system that reaches out to thousands of customers and plays a pre-recorded audio file

The communication between a customer and a business can start in many ways. But business success is ensured when the efforts behind conveying the message to the customers are less. Voice broadcasting software is a solution that comes with features that make customer connection easy and effortless.
It is an easy to use tool that helps in sending automated calls to thousands of people in just a single click. Audio messages ask for a shorter span of attention from the listener than text messages. The message is conveyed immediately to the customer because they just have to listen. Every message comes with the possibility of finding a promising business prospect.
It gives businesses a facility to make immediate connections that can be nurtured easily to turn simple leads into a loyal customer base. Automated phone system comes with all the features that convey the messages to the customers in a better way.
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Features that Make Voice Broadcasting Software
an Effective Outbound Solution

Scheduling Campaigns

Scheduling campaigns is simple and straightforward. You can also schedule multiple campaigns simultaneously to send automatic voice messages.


Automated calling system can also be integrated with an IVR to help listeners with varied options to choose from, by just press of a button.

Do Not Call List

Do not call list makes sure that the automated calls should not attempt those numbers that have already opted out.

Customizable Audio

You can always upload/change an audio file as per your campaign needs and you can keep different audio messages for the different set of customers.

CRM Integration

CRM integration makes automated calls more equipped to manage every piece of customer-related information to tap potential customers.

Real-Time Reports

You get easily download real-time reports that further support in running successful broadcasting campaigns for better business results.

Call Log Details

A comprehensive view of all the calls made previously gives a detailed picture to make sure you don’t miss out on any promising lead.

Phone List Uploader

You can upload multiple phone number lists for respective campaigns and track the detailed outcomes of the campaigns.

Voicemail Detection

With voicemail detection feature, the automated voice message doesn’t waste time on the numbers that have activated voicemail.

Various Uses of Voice Broadcasting Software

Marketing Campaigns

Many companies use it to run marketing campaigns. It makes the process of communication easier by conveying messages to the customers about the product. You can curate specific business messages according to your particular business needs.

Promotional Offers

Many companies send various promotional offers through audio messages because it doesn’t ask for much efforts from the listener. A message that is easy to understand is more likely to be opted for by the customers.


Voice broadcasting software is a perfect tool to conduct a survey that gives its listeners many options to choose from. So, you can ask many questions to the listeners in an audio file and give them multiple options that can be chosen with the press of a button.

Business Notifications

Business notifications through recorded audio files make it much easier for the receiver to be receptive to the information. Any update that rings important to the customers can be sent immediately with voice broadcasting.


Business reminders are necessary to engage and re-engage with the customers purposefully with some intended goals such as customer retention and customer engagement. Some companies also use this service for brand recall.

Confirmation Messages

Customers look forward to confirmation messages. So, you can send personalized voice messages to confirm orders and appointment with all the needed details. You can schedule the voice broadcast at a time suitable to the demographics of your customer base.

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