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Bulk voice call helps in tapping more opportunities for customer connections

Every business looks for a steady customer base, and to make it happen, it is essential to connect with the business prospects, purposefully. There are various tools available to do so, but a solution that delivers results in the least efforts is the most beneficial in terms of fulfilling a business purpose of higher customer connections.

Bulk call service is one such tool that helps you reach out to the maximum number of business prospects and make them listen to a recorded audio file with some unique business-oriented information. The reach of a recorded audio message is comparatively better than text messages like email or SMS that usually go unnoticed.

Bulk call service makes sure that the possibility of the very first connection with the customers increases several folds, and every such relationship can be nurtured further by making communications with the same customer. Bulk voice call is well-equipped with all the necessary features that make it more versatile to outreach people in the higher numbers.
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Various Features that Make Bulk Call Service the Most Efficient Solution to Connect with Customers

Campaign Management

You can manage several campaigns simultaneously to make sure you reap the best benefits out of the lead data with specific goals.


Interactive voice response is an additional feature that makes bulk voice call solution more useful with customizable options.

Do-Not-Call List

Bulk voice call doesn’t waste the valuable time on those numbers who have opted out and skips them while placing the outbound calls.

Customizable Audio

You can upload different recorded audio files for various campaigns and can change them anytime as per the respective campaign needs.

CRM Integration

CRM integration makes bulk voice call a more productive solution in terms of making the most out of the available customer information.

Real-Time Reports

Detailed reports bring many insights to help you strategize your campaigns with the most specific goals to achieve better results.

Multiple Lists

You can easily use numerous lists for different sets of customers and run campaigns with specific messages corresponding to the customers.

Answering Machine Detection

This feature saves time by immediately detecting automated answering machines and attempts dialing the next number from the list.

Various Uses of Bulk Voice Call

Marketing Surveys

When integrated with an IVR that provides multiple options for the listener to choose from, the utility of bulk calling increases many folds. This feature makes bulk voice call a suitable solution for marketing surveys. The responses from the listeners give cumulative results of the marketing survey.


Running campaigns is a lot easier with the help of bulk voice call, and this is why many companies run marketing campaigns by conveying particular business messages. It is an easy way to send your messages to customers with specific goals.

Promotional Offers

Companies send promotional or discount offers to their customers through recorded audio messages. People listen to such messages involuntarily and the conveyed offers get noticed by them, immediately. It makes them highly likely to go for those offers.

Business Notifications

Many companies send various types of business notifications to make their customers aware of the essential updates. Such business notifications also help in brand recall and purposeful customer engagement.


A simple voice message is enough to remind the customers about various things, an unpaid bill, payment due date, a deadline. Reaching out to thousands of customers on a single click is easier and result oriented.

Confirmation Calls

Bulk voice call is an efficient tool to send confirmation calls to the customers about their orders, transactions, and other business notifications. Confirmation calls through recorded messages make sure that all the important messages should come in cognizance of the receiver.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Bulk Calling Based On Cloud Technology

Cloud-Based Model

Bulk call works on cloud technology that is futuristic in nature and efficiently addresses all the contemporary communication needs.

Multiple Campaign Setup

Goal-Oriented Campaigns

You can easily design your campaign with particular goals and process them with strategic ideas for higher business success.

Expert Consultation From CallCenterHosting

Expert Consultation

We have a team of experts that provides every kind of support to make customer experience smooth and frictionless.

Cost Effective Plans From CallCenterHosting

Cost-Effective Plans

We provide various cost-effective plans that you can choose from to ensure that our solutions fit your budget perfectly.