Robo Calling

Use Robo Calling to Make Customer Connections
in High Volume in the Least Efforts

Robo call service is a highly result-oriented way to send recorded audio messages in bulk

Robo calling is type of automated phone call and it is a one-way communication to send your messages across thousands of people by just a click. You just need to upload an audio file that can be customized anytime further as per your business needs. Set a campaign at a particular time and send this file on a click of a button to the uploaded list of contact numbers.

Robo calling software is an easy to use tool to increase your customer connection rate in a short span of time and some businesses also use it as a lead generation tool. It is also a very cost-effective method to get in touch with your business propositions, purposefully.

The business-oriented features of robo calling software makes it one of the most viable ways for customer engagement and brand recall that eventually supports customer retention by frequent communication. If you have a different set of customers, you can also customize campaigns separately for each customer set by sending them corresponding audio messages. And every conveyed message with some useful information comes with a possibility to turn a lead into a regular customer.
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Versatile Features that Make the Most Out of Your Contact Lists

IVR Integration

You can integrate an IVR with multiple options that the listener can choose from by pressing the button on the dial pad. The complete results show up in the detailed report.

CRM Integration

CRM integration is another feature that boosts the utility of hosted robo call software as you can easily track each customer and information related to them.

DNC Management

If you have a separate do-not-call list, you can upload it on the portal and make sure that the dialer won’t waste any time behind such numbers who have opted out.

Multiple List

You can upload numerous contact lists simultaneously. It gives you an option to make sure that none of the customers should be left out without outreaching.

Easy to Use Portal

The portal is so easy to use that you don’t need any training to use it. The well-designed portal gives an overview of various options for better user experience.

Customizable Audio

You can upload an audio file and customize the given information as per the business need. You can also upload different audios for different campaigns.

Answering Machine Detection

It detects the answering machines automatically and skips dialing the particular number. It immediately goes to the next number on the list.

Campaign Management

You can run multiple campaigns at the same time with different customizable options. It helps you communicate with varying sets of customers with different goals.

Customizable Audio File

You can upload different audio files with respect to different campaigns and make sure the most appropriate message should be delivered over the outbound call.

Various Uses of Robo Calling

Marketing Surveys

Robo calling software is an excellent tool for marketing surveys when implemented with an IVR. In this way, once the listener finishes listening to the audio file, the IVR collects responses from the listener by the press of a button on the dial pad. You get detailed reports about the survey.


Robo call service supports the campaigns by broadcasting voice messages to all the contact numbers in the uploaded list. You can also run multiple campaigns with different sets of customers. Insights from the detailed reports bring you many ideas to customize your campaigns.

Promotional Offers

Every business must engage with customers. Sending messages related to promotional offers is a perfect way to connect with customers, purposefully. Customers do revert if they find some value in the promotional offer.


Sending reminders is a big necessity of every business, and most of the businesses do it by sending emails. But voice messages are more likely to grab attention from the customers, and it is also effortless in terms of connecting with customers.

Confirmation Calls

Customers look for confirmation about their orders, transactions, and appointments. A voice message can carry any type of information. Robo call service withdraws the need to dial each number manually and supports the increase in overall productivity.

Cloud Technology

VoIP solutions work on the cloud technology, and since this technology supports innovation and is widespread all across the world, VoIP based solutions easily fit with the contemporary scenario and integrate with other business applications or tools that further multiply the usability and performance.

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Secure Cloud

We host our services on secure data centers that take every measure to make sure your data is absolutely safe with us.

Increase ROI With CallCenterHosting Robo Calling Service

Better ROI

By opting for cloud, you have a better possibility to get a higher return on investment. Our cloud-hosted services come with cost-effective plans.

Expert Consultation

We have a team of experts who provide complete consultation for you to have a seamless experience with our services.

Result-Oriented Campaigns

Result-Oriented Campaigns

Equipped with so many result-oriented features, you can run successful campaigns and further strategize to get a better result.